Doing challenges in private matches

Even with the current AI bots it’s not like you can run in and get all 25 kills in one match unless you’re exploiting the game. usually the AI bots stick together better than a PUG online


Still would you prefer a bit more stronger synced A.I. bots or getting lucky on public matches to see if the other team runs the person you need to kill?

This is quite true. I know some of the AI of the opposing enemy Hero’s can be dodgy at times, but some of them can be down right bastards, especially Montana. I play regular Versus Private just to test out all the Hero’s and new loadout ideas, and getting over 20 kills ain’t so easy with some. It’s not a push over and you still have to play like minded as you do V real people (albeit the AI don’t jump around like nutcases).

So albeit it would make it slightly easier to get some of the challenges done, I’d then be happy if you needed more kills to complete. Like with Thorn - 20 kills with Volley whilst in the air…not so flippin easy V real people and teams.

I’d like the chance to do this Versus Private. I understand the challenge perspective, but if you can’t communicate with your team mates, then they well steal the kill anyway. Maybe we’ll see some changes coming up soon???

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I’ve gone through dozens of matches without seeing Ambra once and I don’t want to quit the match and leave that team handicapped.

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I do find it interesting that Battleborn is the only MOBA-like I’ve played that doesn’t allow progression via bots matches. I played Heroes of the Storm and League of Legends through Coop vs. AI almost exclusively and had no problems progressing, it was just slightly slower.

We need to start a petition to have one of the two:

1.Allow Private PVP to count or
2. add a second option to unlocking that specific lore.

I’m interested in the story and all the characters lore. Pretty unfair that some characters all you have to do is farm for them while others is just a roll of the dice, I wouldn’t mind if the challenge unlocked maybe a title or a skin but having actual story locked behind a PVP accomplishment is a bit unfair.

Love the game, just wish unlocking story lore went both ways allowing for both PVP and PVE options to complete them.


I’m alright with private matches only counting towards lore challenges. We already get rank & credits from them.

Actual PvP challenges like double kills and buildables et. al. can go ahead and stay PvP only. I think that’s plenty fair.

Because as it stands right now, the main strategic advantage to playing Ambra is that you’ll distract the half the other team.

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Though I’d share this from another thread: Lore Challenges: Why PVP?

From what I see here, its a mixed bag of feelings, and I’m okay with that. I do have to clarify somethings that have been stated.

  • yes, i know they are challenges, i don’t want them handed to me on a silver platter. I just like others here are tired of losing matches cause of people leaving for really no reason, or not playing the objectives.
  • i can also except either an alternative way or just a reduced kill requirement. I just want a better chance at finishing a match (win or lose) because we actually played

I can see both points, and can agree with both sides of the argument, but I stick by my original post. I really think it would be a good idea to have private matches count, so people who are completionists can do their thing and not hinder others experiences

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I still think just making “asssits” would help alot… you’d still need to wait for a certain player but then your not fighting over the finishing blow

I don’t think it would be cheesing. If they unlocked Lore Challenge completion in private PvP but on an advanced setting, and you have to win the match.
That way it somewhat simulates the public PvP.
Public PvP is a high expectation environment now. The majority of players still around are more hardcore players who tolerate less “■■■■■■■■”.
I can’t go into a PUG group looking to fool around with a new character and chase their lore without compromising the scenario to some degree or without getting flak for it.

Public PvP is now, “Stop screwing around and focus on the objectives”. Which makes it even more difficult.

Those of us who were here from the start, when the population in PvP wasa larger and more casual and with lower expectations, that exploratory phase if you will, could take advantage of the chaos and chase lore stuff. Those of us late to the party don’t have that benefit.

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The challenges don’t need to be made easy just possible. The “kill insert character 25 times” challenges are the only ones you have absolutely no control over. Two characters need to kill Ambra 25 times, who they have nerfed a couple of times making less people want to play her. I’ve been playing Alani quite a bit since she was released and have seen Ambra 0 times in my matches, so I haven’t even had a chance to work on that challenge.

I like PVE…

Maybe at some point I will move into PvP as well but maybe not…my call.

Why should I be forced into PvP???

The game tries hard to be all things to all people and all types of play…and I think for the most part, succeeds quite well.

EXCEPT in this instance.

+1 for having private matches count towards challenges and Lore…doing this hurts no one and doesn’t break the integrity of the game or it’s difficulty level in any fashion.

Maybe I am seeing this wrong but to me it’s just so simple and such an easy fix.


When this game first came out it wasn’t easier to get lore. It’s still the same difficulty. The only real difference I can notice is wait times. They’ve gone down quite a bit since the put this game on sale. I feel more people bought it then. The thing about advanced even with boys is they’re still much much easier than people. It would also allow them to get friends and make getting kills even easier if you’re not on the sand team and if they are it makes winning easier. The only change I feel they need is make assists with at least 25-50% damage count towards the lore since people kill steal whether by accident (dot) or on purpose.

Definitely agree, watching my poor wife struggle to even find Oscar Mike in Matches (playing as Whiskey Foxtrot), let alone land the killing blow 25x, is just frustrating.

Add it into Private and at least we can worry about that exclusively instead of dedicating matches to a manhunt and ignoring objectives, essentially ruining the match for teammates. It’s definitely the right move to make.


There are only 3 characters that can complete both in PvP than in PvE, and no particular compo: Ambra, Orendi and Reyna.

All other needs to be played with specific char (Like Thorn with Boldur), or have PvP only objectives.

Why does devs didn’t think about completing lore for all char like Ambra & co, like it, pvp players or pve players can complete it, playing like they prefer.

PS: sorry for mistakes, i’m not english ^^.

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I don’t think anyone cares about the challenges that require specific allies, because those can be completed in either mode. The only problematic ones are Benedict’s and Boldur’s, because they require your entire team to be cooperative.

I’m even seeing this in the subreddit

Add in the group pressure of, “Stop chasing your stupid lore challenge and help the team.”

I love me some Whiskey Foxtrot and Toby. I want me some WF legendary and that juicy dark purple skin.

Notreally going to happen for me.

I’ve played 23 PvP matches with WF and have seen OM during that time maybe 10 times.

I have zero kills, yet 4 assists on OM.

Lets say game #24 is my first breakthrough.

At that rate, I’d need to play about 500 games to get WF lore challenge.

I would be very, very grateful if lore challenges were allowed in PvE on an advanced setting.


I say have 2 different challenges and you only have to complete 1. Ex. Toby double kills with ulti. Just add Use ulti x amount of times or kill x amount of minions with ulti.