Doing massive op8 weapon drop for a Big Boom Blaster with 1,700,000 capacity and 3.33 recharge delay

I have some various legends and stuff for trade , and i’m trying to find the best BBB. Let me know if you’re interested! :smiley:

I got two:
one has 1,686,927 cap.
and a 15% drop
also it is fire immunity

the second has 1,609,069 cap
17% drop and corrosive immunity

if interested just let me know

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That sounds peefect for farming Pete! If anyone does have one with 2,800,000+ capacity and 13%+ drop rate, it would he amazing! And Tankler, dont your shields make it crazy hard to die from Pete?

I use them mostly on my commando so i can regen. grenandes so i can keep him slag so yeah it kind of does :yum:

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My massive loot drop invcludes Shams, Norfleets, class mods, and a flawless Ravager, if anyone has that BBB. Also, Tankler, you should check it out too!

sure I will :grin:

Still looking for this shield with 2,800,000+ capacity, :slight_smile: it sure is tough to find.

Tankler, do you know what the highest capacity BBB is while still having a recharge delay less than 4 seconds?

well i haven’t seen one with 2.8 mil cap when farming pete and the ones i have have a delay under 3 but I never worry about that because I use them with my commando and i have his willing perk max which gives me -60% delay with +75% recharge rate can pretty much just have boosters on the floor and keep me alive while fighing pete

i’ll farm pete today see if I can get one to drop :grin:

Dont worry about it maj, you have already gone so far out of your way for me, and i dont even know how to repay you for it. Thanks to you, and several others, my Commando build is finally complete.

Hey this weekend if we can work something out I’ll help you get the shield you want. If I was you I’d look for a shock resist one(grounded)

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Thank you so much i’d absolutely love the help! I’m trying to get a BBB with 1,700,000 capacity and 3.33 recharge rate, even though it’s probably super rare. Thank you again!

No problem. You mentioned free gear,what exactly do you have?

Norfleets, DPUH, all kinds of random op8 suff.

Just look at this beast! It’s my dream shield.

Whats the proc chance im om a phone and cany zoom in. Its a good shield.

16%! Sre, it may not be 20%+, but damn. How hard would it be to grind this exact shield out?

Well its all rng but getting that same one could take awhile good thing i have sal.

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