Dojo character select timer?

Hey! I really, REALLY like the update so far and i feel that the game has been revived now (i mean, not that i hated the game before the update) so i’d first like to thank GBX for this incredible content. My gods, the UI is actually readable now!

But i do have one complaint and it’s in the Dojo. Why is there a timer in the character selection screen? I mean i know who all the Battleborn characters are cause i’ve been playing this game since beta but what of say a new player? or players (or reviewers) who abandoned the game before they unlocked everyone and didn’t bother to check out the command panel to know which character does what? Is 60 seconds really enough to have them look through all the characters and pick which one they want to train?

I think it’s silly to have a timer during character creation for the Dojo. I Understand online games or when you team up cause some of us can’t wait forever. In solo Dojo mode however…

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