Dojo Ideas and Suggestions

I looked for this topic and was unable to find it. So if I’m cloning a thread, I apologize.

@jythri I just wanted to start a discussion on the Dojo as I think it can be improved. I feel others will have ideas as well.

First I love the Dojo and asked for it specifically (along with many others) several months back. So VERY glad to see this implemented. I would like to see a few things added/tweaked. My main feedback is that it’s pretty great as is! I really only see changes needed in terms of the difficulty. Here are the main issues I have:

  1. I read the moves when I first drop in and it takes me a bit to figure out what I want to spend my level up perk points on. While this is going on, I get extra levels and it just extends the process so I don’t get into it until I’m nearly maxed level.
  2. The waves need to have more minions and an occasional single “Mini boss” type. The reason I say this is that I never get a chance to run through all my cool downs to figure out rotations that work. They just die too quickly for me to compare which type of attacks might work better. I don’t think they need to do any more damage, but adding more bots, HP, and maybe slowing them down so they won’t cross too quickly either would be helpful.
  3. I think it’d be great if you could try a VERY advanced difficulty where you can put legendary combinations, etc. to the test. Something where you go in level 10, with all gear active.
  4. Along with that, I’d love it if you could choose 2 different gear load-outs for A-B comparisons on damage output/reduction/etc.

That’s all I really have. I like everything about the level deign and that it’s a mini PvP match as well.

Thanks for the awesome update! It’s incredible work, really!


Good feedback, Clark. I’ll see what’s possible.

We are a tad limited in this mode, due to how we implement it. But I’ve felt many of the things you’ve felt and we’ll see if we can tweak things in the future.


@Jythri, I was wondering if you could have an interact-with-able panel to summon in a Battleborn that won’t attack. That way you can get an idea of who you counter, and how much damage you can crit battleborn with.
(Battleborns death makes him despawn, you have to summon another one to test again)

Also a stand on top thingy to start the waves would be nice.


We totally have that in dev tools. :slight_smile:

It’s quite a bit harder to implement in the dojo, but it’s a good idea.


Thanks, that would be sweet. I know that understanding how far your attacks go and how to melee would be nice on a Benedict punching bag that can’t fight back.

@Jythri would it be possible to allow 2 players to go into the dojo for sparring? It’d be incredibly useful for numerous things(dps testing, practicing skill play)


I would also suggest (like i did in a previous post) to remove the timer during the character select screen of the dojo. Let’s not add pressure on selecting a hero train for new players when they simply want to learn.


Also an infinitly damaged ally to test heal per second.


All I need is a spawnable elite minion so I can do dps testing without loading paradise, killing 2 accelerators, quitting, and reloading paradise…

IE I need a punching bag.

Also I don’t understand why there aren’t shepherd bots with the waves, considering that this is how the actual game turns out and new players really need to grasp how important it is to kill the shepherd.

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Its a good thing I checked the earlier forums before I made a possible clone thread, as this is a topic that really needs some improvements in some way. I understand that this is still a new feature and I definitely appreciate it, but they’re are a lot of things missing for this to be GREAT dojo.

So with that in mind, this is just my “wishlist” for the dojo.

  • be able to enter the dojo with a group and be able to switch teams.
    [ to be able to play around and possibly make new team compositions]

  • have some kind of npc or terminal to reset your level/helix and gear loadout.
    [ Being able to switch gear loadouts would be the best option but I understand if they’re limitations for such a request so being able to just reset would still help out a lot.]

  • Remove the Exp Timer AND Don’t allow players to get experience by defeating enemies.
    [ Add those chests that contains the helix lvl up items so we can have full control of maintaining our progress]

  • Use the many arena’s from Oscar Mike OP to distinguish and differentiate the enemy type for each arena.
    [ For example one arena is entirely Varelsi and another arena is entirely Thralls and etc.]

  • have teleporters in each room
    [ so the player(s) can fast travel to each of those different arena’s.]

  • have a stationary dummy
    [ so we can be able to fully test out our dps without the enemy dying and waiting for a respawn]

  • have certain enemies only take damage if they were hit critically
    [ teach players where the critical hit boxes are on the enemies because I still see a lot of players both PvE and PvP where teammates won’t go for them simply because they don’t know. I’m looking at you robot minions]

  • remove the ability to “Win” in the Dojo.
    [ just when I finally reached lvl 10 and/or the minions have enough hp to fully test out dps capabilities, It’s over…]

I understand that resetting your level and gear can just be done by leaving and re-entering the dojo but that’s just unnecessary wait time just to do so. Its like a minimum of a 2 minute wait every time a player accidentally picks the wrong helix point or activates his/her gear at the wrong time. A minimum of 5 minutes if that person is gonna sit there and wait till they have reached lvl 10 before they decide to do anything. being able to reset the players lvl and gear on the fly (while having those chests regenerating helix pick ups) mentioned above would help out immensely.

again this is just my wishlist. I just want the Dojo to improve because this can really benefit everyone.

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