DoK expedition guide (graphics & controls)

First: The expedition guide runs with a 4:3 resolution on my comp. Does it run in 16:9 for anyone?

Second: I noticed that when viewing the game models in the guide that there was no texture filtering or anti-aliasing. This can be very easily fixed through the nvidia control panel. The exe. you need is “Dok_Manual” in the “TechnicalManual” folder for wherever you have the game installed.

Finally, for viewing the models in the guide, to rotate the camera you need to hold left click and not right click. I’ve spent the past couple days switching between the game and the guide and it’s no real issue, but it is decently annoying. There is nothing really to fix because it’s not really broken, but at some point it could be changed to match the actual game controls it would be a nice touch

Love the guide


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