DoK live stream schedule

(RagnaroK) #1

I am going to start streaming DoK on a regular schedule. Every 2 weeks on Sunday, real life permitting of course. I will alternate weekends with the Artifact Cup tournament, so there will be something interesting going on in DoK every weekend. Starting this Sunday, Oct 2, at 13:00 CDT.

Every stream will be a different custom game scenario, kind of like a “Sunday Funday” type thing. This weekend is Carrier Battles. Jump into DoK and play a few with us, or tune in to the stream on my YouTube channel.

I will also be hosting another giveaway event once I hit 250 subs :smiley:

(Tren) #2

We need more of these.

(RagnaroK) #3

Yeah, I missed a weekend due to real life stuff as you know. But I will be getting back on schedule soon.