DoK pre-order : Expedition Guide bonus ! (not the 44Mo file !)

Just so you know, I’ve just seen that on the BBI forums !

There is a bonus manual (not the 44Mo hwrm one !) for any DoK pre-order !
There is little time left for those interested, I nearly missed it !

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And where do you get this manual ?

uhhh, I don’t understand your question oO

Pre-order of DoK = Expedition Guide bonus, what didn’t you understand ?

edit : I suppose it’s an additionnal application alongside the game (perhaps it directly uses the 3D model from the game, from what is shown in the video), not something like a pdf or anything

Well I DID preorder the game and I wanna know how I get this expedition guide bonus :smiley: or is that some ingame bonus because I understood the bonus manual to be a PDF file or am I mistaken ?

as said in my previous post (read it godammit :stuck_out_tongue: ^^), from the video, I’m not so sure it’s in a pdf form

Thanks, you updated your previous post after/while I wrote mine so I didn’t see it :wink:

strange, as I edited it 30 seconds after it’s creation oO

Well, you should follow the BBI forums if you need more informations, @Norsehound has made a thread about it :

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Will do, thanks for responding anyway :wink:

You’re welcome ! :slightly_smiling:

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@maelrizzo : @Jeffybug has put some info into the thread I created in the DoK part of the forum, check it out :


I know, already read it and found the dlc files ready for download :slight_smile: but thanks for letting me/us know !

The guide is kinda good & well put together. It adds much background information as well as answering at least few questions you get during your campaign play through. Normally I’m not that type of person who likes reading some guides or handbooks even but for Homeworld I always made an exception and never regretted it. Neither did I this time… Very recommendable stuff.