DoK Speedruns! Gotta go fast

(theoblivinator) #1

At the time of writing this, I am the sole runner of this game. As an attempt to showcase my progress and generate interest, I will be posting some of my accomplishments here.

First is the DoK Leaderboard page I created on My goal is to make that a hub of information, once I have more to share and there are more players.

Secondly, I have been tracking my progress on BBI’s forums. If you wish to see more in depth explanations of how I’ve been improving, check it out here:

My first speedrun of the DoK campaign was completed in 3 hours, 4 mins, and 31 seconds. Right off the bat I wasn’t happy with this run because Kalash Site went horribly wrong among other sloppy mistakes. But everyone has to start somewhere.

Well over several month I have improved that time considerably. My last personal best beat the game almost 40 mins faster than my first run. It was finished in 2 hours, 24 mins, and 35 seconds. Again like all speedruns, it wasn’t perfect and there are places I know I can improve to probably lower my time by at least another min. Check it out below.

So overall I’m happy with my progress. I’ve also been glitch hunting in this game. I just made a bunch of threads in the Tech Support forum that you can check out. I also upload them to my YouTube channel. I’ve also been working on a guide. It will be a large document that contains all the strategies I’ve found and how to use them yourself. I’d also really like if someone with some experience using CheatEditor to help me out and develop a load-time remover plugin for LiveSplit for this game. That would cut out the load-times from this game and not make running this game hardware dependent to get a fast time.

I’ve also done whats called an IL (Individual Level) of Beladin Dune Sea. I was able to beat that mission in 6 mins and 37 seconds. I think it could go a little bit faster, but not a whole lot. I’m working on an IL for Khashar Approach next since that is also a very short mission. Check it out below:

Ragnarok and myself have agreed to do a speedrun race of this game on SRL in early November hopefully. Anyone is welcome to join. What will happen is we will set up a race using SRL, and viewers are able to watch our streams side-by-side to see who is in the lead and such. The race results will be recorded on SRL and future races will be tracked and compared across the entire platform. It will be really cool. I’ll add more details when there are available.

So whats up everyone? Anybody else interested in this sort of stuff?

(Tren) #2

Yea but these runs are all on easy mode, aren’t they?

When are we gonna see a Classic difficulty speed run :smiling_imp:


I’m surprised how he managed to end Cape Wrath down to the exact same second. 33:30 and not a second more.

(theoblivinator) #4

That was actually because I deleted my Cape Wrath split before that run. It seemed off so I wanted a new one.

It doesn’t show any ahead/behind time since there’s nothing to compare to.

(RagnaroK) #5

Man, Im gonna get rekt on this race lol.

(theoblivinator) #6

Practice, practice, practice and you’ll do fine. I’m really not that good, I’m just the only one speedrunning so I look like I’m good. Watch my tutorials as I make them and practice a bit and you’ll be competitive. I know it.

Also if more people besides you agreed to race it would be a more level playing field for all! :slight_smile:

Speaking about tutorials, I’ve started the playlist that will contain them. It can be seen at this link:

(theoblivinator) #7

My tutorial playlist is complete. You can check it out here:

That being said, if anyone wants to speedrun this game with me now, they should be able to get a good grasp of what to do. While making these tutorials, I PB’d in three missions, meaning that I can save more time compared to my last run. I will be practicing and doing attempts very soon, probably later this week. Stay tuned for that. If you’d like to watch you can find my stream at:

Stay tuned for more updates! :slight_smile:

(theoblivinator) #8

I managed to finally complete a run this weekend and have a new personal best: 2 hours, 21 mins, and 26 seconds is now my new record.

This run had a slow start. Something went wrong in Cape Wrath which triggered the prompt to repair the abandoned railguns and research railgun tech, something I’ve been skipping in every run before this. I don’t know what caused it to prompt, but it cost me around 10 seconds. Beladin Dune Sea went better than my last PB, but it is still no where near as fast as I’ve done it in the past, so there can be improvement there. Gaalsien Base could have also gone faster, but I’m happy I didn’t lose time on that mission. The rest of the run went amazing after that. I had no idea I could save so much time on The Whispering Gallery, it really blew my mind when I saw the time I was beating that mission at. I don’t know what caused the huge time save, I guess the enemy units played right into my hand perfectly. It will be a tough time to beat in the future. Khashar Approach, much like Beladin Dune Sea went better, but not as good as it could be. I seem to struggle with the Cruise Missile on that mission. I can nail the timing and position down perfectly 10 out of 10 times in practice, but when I do a run I seem to be off by just a bit, its frustrating. Torin Crater and Khar-Toba played as expected, I knew I could save a considerable amount of time on those missions.

I’ve attached my splits and Youtube link to the run. Stay tuned for more improvements!


Sick improvement with WHispering Gallery run. also in Kashar Approach.

(theoblivinator) #10

On 1/8/27 we had our first DOK race. We raced through the first five missions of the campaign on SRL. Thank you very much Tren and ROMaster2 for racing with me, it was a lot of fun. Here are the results:!/homeworlddok/1

I recorded my portion and you can watch it below.

Stay tuned for more DOK speedrun content. Right now I’m working getting a 2:19 or better.

(theoblivinator) #11

Here’s a quick update video I made the other day.

The major points if you don’t feel like watching:

1.) Payday from the Homeworld Universe Discord created an Auto-Splitter and Load-Time Remover for this game. It is directly integrated into Live Split. The auto-splitter will split after each mission on it’s own; no need for you to split manually. The load time will pause Live Split’s timer during load times which removes any sort of pay-to-win aspects of speedrunning this game.

2.) Because we can track game time easily now, the leaderboard for this game will be changed to reflect this. There will be two columns; one for time with loads and one for time without loads. The leaderboard will be ranked based on the time without loads obviously.

3.) I achieved a new PB/WR for this game. The new time is 2:21:00 real time, 2:15:27 game time. I didn’t upload this run to Youtube or to because it is very sloppy and I’m not satisfied with it. I know I’ll beat this record and when I get a run I’m satisfied, I’ll make the change to and upload it to Youtube obviously. Unless someone beats me too it. :wink:

4.) I also made a topic about this, but DoK was accepted into the Fleet Fest speedrunning marathon which will be happening in two weeks. You can check the schedule here: and see if you are able to watch my run DoK live!

That’s all folks, stay tuned for more!

(theoblivinator) #12

2 hours, 13 mins, and 31 seconds is my new game time record. 2 hours, 19 mins, and 10 sec is the new real time record.

I’ve finally made the change to rank this game based off of game time instead of real time as outlined in my previous post. The leaderboard reflects this change as well. Again you can view it here:

Anyways this is the kind of run I’ve been waiting for. It has been around 3 months or so since I had a significant PB like this. I’ve been playing when I could for around three weeks, mostly on the weekends, and I was getting discouraged since I completed about five runs and still hadn’t gotten a 2:20. Well I skipped 2:20 and went straight to 2:19 (shoutouts to Ryan Lockwood). The only disappointing thing about this run is Tombs of the Ancients and The Whispering Gallery not going as fast as they could have. Had I done well on those missions this could have easily been a 2:18, but we will save that for another day. Overall the run was very smooth and I can’t think of any major hiccups. Obviously there are small things to optimize still and luck still plays a factor into this run quite a bit (the two artifacts I collected were absolute garbage in this run), but I’m satisfied with my time as of right now.

For the future I will be practicing for my Fleet Fest run, working on commentary and gameplay. And then I want to learn some other speedruns and maybe after that I will come back to DOK and try and go for a 2:16 or better. We will see.

That’s all folks, I’ll keep in touch and stay tuned for more.

(theoblivinator) #13

I put up a video on my youtube channel yesterday. It is a compilation of some funny moments I’ve captured while speedrunning this game. It was pretty fun to put together. Check it out!

(theoblivinator) #14

2 hours, 11 mins, and 53 seconds is my new game time world record. 2 hours, 19 mins, and 1 sec is my new real time world record.

So. This run. This was the first game run I’ve done since Midwest Speedfest. I didn’t do much practicing, maybe 2 hours at most. And I still managed to beat my record by 1 min and 38 seconds. I am not happy about it. It makes it seem like all the hard work I did the achieve my previous record wasn’t really all that great since I could just come out of nowhere with barely any practice and smash it. It even shows in my splits were I was around 40 seconds behind and still managed to come back. So I have to do a little digging to find out why I was able to save so much time on a few missions.

Here is my initial theory:
I collected two artifacts in Kalash Wreck that I normally skip. I figured it was safe to collect these since it doesn’t cost any time from completing the mission, just a little bit of resource harvesting time. The two artifacts I collected turned out to improve ranged units, mainly Railguns. In missions where I used loads of Railguns (like the Whispering Gallery), they were more buffed than usual allowing me to complete those missions much quicker than normal. Essentially I believe I got lucky on what artifacts I collected and cheesed my way into a new record because of it.

So that is why I’m unhappy with the new record. But this just means I’m not done yet. I need to dig into this game a little more, work out artifacts and better strategies and smash the record even more. Right now my sum of best is around 2 hours and 9 mins, so it is amazing to see that I can break another 5 min threshold (with sub 2:15 being the last one I broke). So with all that said, stay tuned for more.

Also if anyone can figure out why my load times for this game have increased after doing a fresh windows install that would be swell. It’s pretty crazy that I spent 1 min and 38 seconds less playing the game missions, yet i only saved 9 seconds in real time.