DoK vs RM: What is scale

So apparently the Kapisi is 568 meters long… But in a certain mission, we see a certain ship and it’s absolutely MASSIVE compared to it, when it should apparently be just barely larger. Spoilers below:

In Torin Crater the Taiidan Carrier is there. According to RM it should be 606m long. It is much longer.

So…what’s going on here?

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Some witchcraft. :wink:

Fair enough. But seriously though.

Yep, a taii carrier being that big isn’t right.

Sins of a Solar Empire took artistic vision over proper unit scaling to make a better game, I’d say the artistic vision of a big, awe inspiring crashed Taiidani ship is what they wanted, so they made it.

The crashed carrier would be over a thousand years old. It could resemble what we would consider to be a modern Taiidan carrier, but internals could be completely different. maybe 1k years ago a scale of that size was necessary to have the same level of production as carriers from the modern era.

I thought it looked like one, but I thought there was no way when it’s that big.

If you consider that:
Thousands of years ago, that ‘certain’ ship was designed and developed using rather large components, sort-of huge power-plants, fabrications, assemblers, and anything else for constructing other smaller ships…


The more modern one that uses of much smaller nano-machines and much more compact components while keeping similar design resemblance due to advancements in technology…

Everything is possible.

Rob C already answered me on this and it turns out they mucked up the scale cause hw1 units were feet not meters. Shame on their Canadian heritage, heathens.



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Well, you know… I always figured HW1 was already taking artistic liberty with it’s ship scales. A Taii carrier that size is more reasonable to my thinking than taking HW1 units literally.