Dominace needs a rework

I think most can agree that Dominance is underwhelming and could use a rework so more people will actually want to go all the way down the Master tree.

My idea (along with others that have said similar things), is for Dominance to be replaced by something else.

Idea 1 - FL4K is able to have 2 pets out at the same time. All pet damage and pet effects increased by 20%.
FL4K benefits from both of the pets bonus’s. (Example: if FL4k has the Guard Skag and the Jabber sidekick, he gains +5% damage and +5% movement speed)
When you activate an attack command on an enemy , both pets focus the target and use their special attack.

Idea 2 - FL4K’s pet is transformed into a super badass for 15 seconds when you activate your action skill. Enemies are taunted to attack your pet. Pet does increased damage , more aggressive and is more durable with a radiation aura.
For the duration enemies stop focusing FL4K.
Cooldown is 45 seconds.


Lol I just posted something like your idea#2 (was typing while you posted this), glad we are on same page!

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NIce lol.

Also I like both my ideas. One could also be used if FL4K ever gets a 4th skill tree.
Since FL4K already has 2 skill trees focused on crit and damage. The other 2 could be pet based.

I would also bump Megavore to 30% chance to score a crit. Since it doesn’t really compete with the power inside either.

can you still damage enemy under dominance?

No you cannot.

Also, I agree. I usually go deep into the Master tree to use a Gamma Burst build, but I don’t like spending points on Dominance, I could have it unlocked and ready to invest that 1 point, and I rather put it anywhere else.
By FAR the worst skill that Fl4k has (or had, I think Leave No Trace is currently worse).

I’m not sure how they’d make that skill work unless they make it so…

  1. You can give your Dominated Target an Attack Command
  2. Make it so they practically die upon the skill’s end.
  3. Gain pet buffs/bonuses while being dominated
    Or something. I just don’t like the idea. It’s like THoughtlock, but worse.
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i see same as glamour.

I can’t wait to use Dominance as it is. But Fl4k is my last character to make :sob:

Even if they buff the Masters tree even more and make it more appealing to people, players still wouldn’t choose dominance over the power inside.
So people will just go halfway down the master tree or even all the way down except not choose dominance and instead just go down all the way on the stalker tree.

I like the idea of Dominance, it fits in with FL4K’s kit and is a form of crowd control. I’d like to see it behave more like Thoughtlock, in that you can kill the dominated enemy yourself, and add the ability for FL4K to issue attack commands to the dominated enemy. After the skill ends, show true dominance by cutting the enemy’s remaining health and damage in half, rather than having a dying enemy that you can’t damage fight random targets. It has the potential to be a good skill the way it is, with a little tweaking.

Well the main thing I don’t like about dominance is having to get close to the enemy to melee.
And also that it doesn’t work with bosses.

The ideas I gave in the opening post I think would serve the master tree better.
As they have to do with flex pets like the master tree does.

Why are people going going the stalker tree along with hybrid when the could go down hunter and master? Hunter gives some crazy bonuses and when you use all the crazy bonuses you stack damage buffs like a mad man. Aside from the bottom 3 skills on the stalker tree that boost damage the rest of the tree was lack luster. Unless you’re doing some weird crit build hybrid with master

Well if you go down the master and Hunter trees , you run into the same issue I described above.
Which is you can go down to master tree but there is no reason to pick dominance over megavore.
And that is with megavore not being that good either.
So sure you can use the master tree and Hunter tree and you can create some pretty good builds but for the better builds the capstone will never be dominance over megavore.

I didnt pick any capstone between hunter and master trees because they’re crap. My master hunter build doesnt use them

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Well then that is another option, true.
Dominance is the worst capstone that fl4k has but Megavore isn’t far behind.
They both need help. I was about to create a thread on megavore.

20% is so lack luster especially since that critical hit probably doesnt count as a natural critical hit.

I think I would use it if the effect was permanent and pet effects applied. The beast effect could double its damage and health. Just melee something else to release and kill. But what about the Fl4k melee build someone may ask? Laugh.

So I was trying out the new Glamour and I think Amara does a better job of converting enemies. Phasecast (and it’s variants) and Tandava give you a lot of range. Back to FL4K, it really sucks when you run up to a Badass Zealot, melee them once or twice, it fails, and then they shoot a rocket in your face. I think Dominance could also benefit from being ranged. The skill would just replace his melee attack with a ranged one. It’d be similar to Krieg throwing his buzzaxe.

Getting a badass to stop attacking you is already its greatest benefit, but the dominated enemy is inconsistent in how he/she helps you while mobbing (during boss fights, it largely feels useless because the lack of powerful enemies to convert). Sometimes it helps kill some weaker enemies, other times nothing really happens. So, I think Dominance should also increase the converted enemy’s firerate/attack speed. Maybe even give a damage boost if you target a non-badass while being around a badass/name/boss.