Dominance Capstone

FL4K players who use this. Could you please explain your play-style and what you use this skill for?

Sometimes I use it to finish off enemies that are low on health (like a fifth left or so… I think the math of the health drain works out to about 24% of their health bar?) If it’s a boss, it may give me some free time to recharge and reload if I’m getting wasted in the middle of the fight.

Other times I use it on anything I can get my hands on when there’s Anointed around, trying to keep something dominated focused on them. When they spawn that slow-moving death orb, it’ll focus on that enemy instead of me (plus now the Anointed is working over the mob for me, one at a time).

When I’m supporting the Skag from range, and a Psycho invariably comes running at me, it’s a great way to turn them around (if they get to the right point in the fight, when Dominance wears off, they should focus on the Skag and not me).

I do wish I could see their health bar while they’re dominated (it just disappears at the moment)… like turn it green or something (which would also make a more visible indicator that they’re dominated instead of the transparent blur around their head).

I use a Gamma Burst CoV allegiance character with the Skag (Eridian). Between this and the Skag, the playstyle (when I can) centers around supporting the Skag, so a Dominated ally works here. I haven’t found the Gamma Burst’s damage output to be super good, so unless I need to teleport my Skag to a ledge, I usually fire it off behind cover and stand in it, so BFF keeps the Skag alive. The Skag can tank the detonation of one of those pink death orbs the Anointed throw with this in place… nigh invincible. I do what I can with the CoV gear from a safe distance. :laughing:

Question for other FL4K players who use this: do you find it has a cooldown? I get that we can’t re-Dominate an enemy, or have more than one active at a time, but sometimes it seems like it just doesn’t want to take. :thinking:

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I’ve head several reports that it takes multiple melee attacks for some enemies, or that some enemies aren’t affected for as long a time.

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Atleast its possible to dominate at range with a facepuncher, + would count as multiple melee for the hard to dom enemies

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It’s really only good for team play, if you’re going to revive someone control the closest badass to cause some chaos and revive them. It’s like shooting the head off of a goliath but you have to go back to finish them, I do like the doubled time on beast though.

oh my god


Gotta be sure to single them out due to the spread(not so useful to dominate a baby tink by accident); but its very possible

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There’s no cooldown, you can actually switch your Thrall at any time. I often Dom a little enemy on my way to a big one. Grab a rocket Launcher enemy and let them mess everything up.

I play an up in your face Fl4k with the Eridian Skag. I use a melee terror fire crossroads to power my Skag Has Fire Damage after Attack Command shield. I’m still working on the play style a bit, but it’s all about keeping everything close (I run a Quasar grenade) and off tilt.

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