Dominance replacement

Dominance is a extremely weak and underwhelming skill. It really needs to be scrapped. A new idea is to enable FL4K to have all 3 of his pets out at once as a passive or spawn all 3 of them with the Gamma Burst ability (since you won’t care about the pets with any other action skill). The pets stages should depend on how far you are in the skill tree. So, you could have tier 3 skag and jabber but tier 1 spiderant as a trade off. Additionally, I think pets you have out should get some sort of buff replacing their attack command that just increases damage and health temporarily. This would help make more builds for FL4K instead of just playing crit FL4K which isn’t fun. Do hope Gearbox considers this idea.

This skill only works 50% of time. It is discussed many in Fl4k forum, search there and people suggest many improvements, along with a similar idea.

I’d prefer the option to remove the pets and have something else. I’ve never understood the want for this type of play. Why do you want other things doing the killing for you?

Pet builds are a standard since table top DnD.

DnD is a whole different story.

pet builds are big in a lot of games, not just d&d.

Dominance is so bad that I can go all the way down the tree and be able to unlock it but I rather put my 1 point into something else.
Don’t know who thought that would be a good idea for a capstone.

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I like the concept of Dominance. It’s just a “stop attacking me” skill. With the right modifiers (+40% enemy weapon damage and +20% enemy fire rate), it might do something. But yeah, it usually disappoints. The problem with its design is that the buff doesn’t last long enough for the converted enemy to make an impact or the converted enemy just doesn’t do enough damage. Maybe it’ll get better when Gbx increases the difficulty of the game. On a side note, the idea of using a facepuncher to snipe out an enemy and apply dominance so that his/her friends can just rip him/her to shreds has crossed my mind.

I am so excited to get Dominance! I’ll post here when I do

Yeah we’ve essentially got 3 characters that are pet characters in bl3 alone.

Yes we do. I think it is a bit silly tbh. I feel like more diversity could have been found.

Yeah, that was a wtf moment for me. There’s enough variety in gameplay-wise, so it’s not a big deal. But design-wise, it doesn’t look good.