[Dominance Rework] P4CK Alpha

I am pretty sure pets gain Speed Demon. That modifier can make Killer Queen tricky as she can zip from enemy to enemy almost too quickly causing you to waste your Go For The Eyes chance.

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Not unexpected, but disappointing nonetheless. I guess I’m losing interest in the 5 unknown skills.

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Ouch. That doesn’t sound like something to anticipate. It seems that the 4th tree gives something that the VH were “lacking”. I don’t think it bodes well for Fl4k, but the other 3 might be nice.

Of all the FL4K pet threads, comments and other general feedback I have seen or been a part of survivability has been nigh an issue.

I’m expecting the Loader Bot pet to be insanely powercrept compared to our current organic companions.


Only during September of last year, Wotan, and GTD before phase 2 have I heard of pet survivability consistently being an issue. The pet died a lot if you weren’t using Gamma, but that’s been a non-issue for a while now.

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“Gearbox said that the new skill trees were about filling gaps in the abilities of the Vault Hunters as they currently exist.”

yikes, i already dont like the sound of that

no comments on pet damage??? :confused: this is really worrying

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This article confuses me Fl4k already has the one of best CC in the game its called red fang why is this a glaring issue oppose to pet damage. No one is gonna be using gravity well over red fang for cc unless it puts out massive damage numbers or something but, I’ll reserve judgement until it gets here.

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I’m sure it will be adjusted through patch(es).

CC being crowd control?


Yes CC = crowd control


I see I see. I need to brush up on the cool kids’ lingo. It is true that Fl4k has an excellent control of crowds but it is through a class mod. I might say that it is a bit too early to tell. It seems the new Action Skill free up the class mod slot since it has new form of CC. I do play with Gamma/Red Fang but I only invest 11 points into Master. The new skill tree would have to beat Frenzy and Empathic Rage in damage. Seems unlikely since so far the skills are pretty defensive. As far as I know, we haven’t seen the augments and class mods for it. Those two would be the deciding variables for me. We’ll have to wait and see for more info.


I uhh crowd control has been around longer then video games it just fits abilities that controls mobs so well that it hasn’t changed since when D&D was at its peak. Infact I say its nerd lingo that became mainstream lol.

Agreed but everything we’ve so far has been unimpressive so I’m not gonna hold my breath but, hope I’m wrong.


Yea, it’s a bit disappointing that the new tree is less than appealing. Probably the augments are like the Piss grenade but with much higher percents. Is what I might be hoping for. A mass buff/debuff.

I don’t know if this is the best place to post this, but has anyone seen the video LazyData posted yet regarding the apparent re-work to Dominance?

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Yes, I personally think it is still terrible… it’s a way way way way worse red fang.
It ultimately does absolutely nothing for you beside very mediocrely cc some enemy sometimes maybe if you somehow shoot a guy and they don’t die immediately… what a gun you point at an enemy usually should do…

So it only helps you if you have really bad gear and somehow need survivability… which I personally never had an issue with… and with the purple tree joining the battle survivability should never be an issue anymore

It also makes me kinda mad even more that now we have two pet builds potentially…
(which don’t get me wrong is amazing and we have waited for this for a long time!)
…BUT, again it will not be player choice driven but instead be given and forced upon us by gearbox, by just making the Warloader bot seemingly just better in any way than any pet ever, with a functional attack command, good long range dps and even a copy of your grenade… outclassing every other pet by worlds which is just sad that I will not even have the choice of choosing the pet I like and want to play… so no choice here…

And the other Playstyle beeing the shield pet Nova Build that will be fun Ofcourse… but just isn’t a pet build in the real sense and More so more shield abuse… yes it’s strong an fun… but my Jabber, ant and goodboi still have no place in this game on their own… which is just sad in my opinion…


It looked good from the video. I still don’t think it’s worth all the skill points but it’s light-years more useful than old dominance. It depends on how wide the aggro-draw is. still feels out of place in the tree though but w/e ill take anything at this point

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