Domince replacement and Pet Damage Ideas

Hello, im not much of a vet player(atm just playing through the DLCs for the first time, but i am already at Mayham 10), so I am not sure how good those ideas are for the endgame. Even if it probably won’t happen(Looking at the 4th Skill tree Bugs that still haven’t been fixed), maybe it could make it into a future mod?

  1. Dominace replacement: Boomerang (melee override, 5-10s cooldown)
    Fl4k throws their melee weapon at the targeted enemy dealing damage and dominating them. Bounces to up to 4 additional targets. Damage increases per bounce. Damage scales with +% Pet Damage.

Why Bounce?

  • To help with their mobbing.

Why increase damage per bounce and not reduce?

  • So you can choose which enemy is to be dominated and not instantly killed, which would make dominating useless.

Why scale with pet damage?
-Its in the Pet tree and it would make sense to synergize with their other skills there.

Additionally, a useless Class mod(like rakk commander) could be changed to have one of the following effects:
-to give 2 charges
-reduce cooldown on kill
-reduce cooldown on enemies hit

  1. Bonus Idea: Change +% Pet Damage skills to +% melee damage skills and make pets scale with Fl4ks melee damage.
    This would:
    -open more build ideas
    -make the skill points put in pet damage feel less wasted
    -make you feel more, like you synergize WITH pets and jump into the fray with them
    -you dont feel like an useless afk bot on pet only builds
    -synergizes with my replacement idea for Dominance
    -Additionally, the total melee damage would be slightly lower than Amara, so it wouldn’t make them outlcass her

Thank you for reading.


I would be happy to see a rework of the Rakk Commander ( if you think about it, the Peregrine is the pay to win Rakk dedicated COM but whatever) in that sense.
Dominance wise, I think having your pet and one dominated enemy per time is balanced. You rarely get aggroed and dominance can already bounce from one enemy to another when you use jakobs.
It’s a cool idea but would you image how broken would it be to have an army of 4 enemies per time fighting for you?

It would probably also be fine, if only the first enemy hit gets dominated.


In terms of single target damage it is by far with Fish Slap/Groundbreaker shenanigans. But a well rolled R4kk P4k can be super competitive in larger groups.

My idea for Rakk Commander, get rid of the extra charge entirely. In practice you almost always stay on your last charge waiting for it to cooldown. If I wanted an anointment built into it I would swap +1 charge for Rakkslag(assuming it gets fixed). I would love to see Rakk Commander increase the movement speed of Rakk Attack by 25-50%.

Appreciate the creativity with the ideas, however I think there are some things to consider for why this wouldn’t necessarily be an improvement.

  1. Dominance can already proc on multiple targets using the Stinger shield or chaining weapons like the Reflux. Capping it at 4 would actually limit the potential number of targets to CC. Also, if enemies are too pre-occupied attacking each other, less of them will focus on your pet which means less Frenzy stacks.

This is actually incorrect. All of FL4K’s bonus damage (Interplanetary Stalker, Frenzy, Power Inside, Pack Tactics, Emphatic Rage, Skag) applies to melee. Giving FL4K melee damage would actually make them ridiculously better at melee than Amara.


Thank you for your critque, but:

Dominances description states that it can only affect one enemy at a time.

You could change it, that only the first enemy is dominated.

Amara also has Burn both ends, Tempest, unweave the rainbow, she can apply splash to her melee attacks with Body and Mind and can get 400 additional melee damage from annoints after using phaseslam. Sustainment would even allow her to lifesteal from melee attacks.

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A lot of descriptions in this game are inaccurate. It can proc on multiple enemies at once.

Doesn’t matter, FL4K has a better damage formula for melee by a mile. They already beat Amara using most of the melee items (Stinger and Facepuncher) without having melee damage, so giving them even half of Amara’s melee damage with the skills they have would just bury melee Amara completely. And Knifedrain means that everyone can lifesteal off melee so survivability isn’t a big deal.


i see i don’t have the knowledge to argue with that, but how about just adding melee damage to those skills that only buff pet damage?

The problem I see with this is that a pure melee bonus would likely fall outside of FL4K’s current Facepuncher/Stinger formula which would push those items even further out of reach for Amara.

Personally, I would get rid of the +1 Rakk attack anointment in anything other than this classmod, and make the “Rakk Commander” have +2 charges and add +100% Rakk attack damage (same as to how I would simply add a “+100% damage on SNTL” or the “100% SNTL cryo” with Techspert, really). That, to me, sounds like a much more practical fix to make it more viable without changing it’s skills.

Your rakks moving faster (so them hitting their enemies faster) does sound pretty cool and would synergize well with “Falconer’s Feast”, since that only activates on hit, but it needs a much more substantial buff than that IMO.

You could also combine all of the above, I don’t think it would be too broken.


The main draw towards speeding up the Rakk is so they could actually hit airborne foes. In their current state they have the same flight speed as other Rakk and even surveyors(when not repairing), a simple bump in movement speed would be a NICE QoL improvement for Rakk Attack.