Done delete please

Really need Incendiary Super Shredifier. Also need Big Boom Blaster shield.

Would gladly except as gift or willing to trade whatever. I’ve got a fair amount of good loot:

Stormfronts, Quasars, Double Carapace Stop-Gap, most guns in the game. Most grenade mobs.

Hmu we’ll work something out! Thanks!

PSN: Darthquixote777

@Psychichazard sorry bruv forgot section.


I have a fire shredifier, what do you have for trade?

Looking for anointed cutsmans or crossroads in the fire element mainly. Anything of that level?

Is it Super Shred w the double barrels?

I’ve got a lot of goodies to trade.

Could you post pic here? Super or not I may trade for a reggy fire.

Got any Anointed Legendary Grenades (Not the HExes or Firestorms)?
Or Anointed Fire Skeksil?

I have both a Big Boom Blaster and a Fire Super Shred w/ double barrel

Right O mate. Any leggies in particular your looking for?

I’ve got Stromfront and Quasars but no annoint =(

I’ve got a sweet Molten Vicious Lyuda with 250 WD after Phasecast.

Wait, I’ve got annointed Moxxis Bouncing Pair(actually not a bad made) and a Gunner annointed Red Queen.

Non-annointed I’ve got Lonbbow and homing Quasars, Longbow Stromfront.

I’ve got lots Moze class Mods and plenty of good weapons, if ya wanna try and work something out?

Moxxi’s is regen 1 at the start of AS activation?

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Just picked up a pretty sweet Nite Hawk Annointed:

@Rabid_Explosions @SwagVern

@ckx00000 I am interested in the Moxxi grenade. If you think we can make a deal, hmu.

PSN: ipayurfrenz

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I must see this.

Is that Night Hawkin full auto?

Naw, it’s burst and single.

Yeah that Carapace Stop Gap is dumb


@Slif_One need BBB now!

How dumb? Why is it dumb?