Done playing battleborn until Alani is nerfed

This is self explanatory and there are far more arguments around this post to support this. But heres the deal. I haven’t played a game without Alani since she was released. And now I can finally get her, and oh how I’d love to knock out her lore challenges before she gets nerfed. I’m not even keeping the game installed at the moment. She’s dropping burst heals for more than I can dish out with any character. At least Miko’s heal is beatable. Then you do the fancy ■■■■ and put a Renya on her team and you finally get past the OP heals and Renya pops an over shield on her and gives her enough time to build up the heals. Either her heal needs to be reduced or she needs a massive decrease in how much “osmosis” she get.

Secondly, that bubble, you’re telling me it’s “Balenced” when she can knock you up into the air, hold you there in a glowing blue ball, making you a super easy target for all enemies to see and hit you with, now the cherry on the cake is the damage boost. Mind you she loves doing this when your 1x1ing someone else, you almost got the kill, blue bubble out of no where, she heals your enemy while he hits you a handful of times and your dead before you hit the ground.

Why does she need Osmosis stacks in her riptide puddle, she doesn’t already heal fast enough? I mean it came straight from your guy’s mouths that she was “Less of a support than Ambra” Pretty sure she’s more of a support than Miko, and she’s got absurd DPS as .

Her ult. So cool, Also so cheap, tag someone with it, swirling AOE damage, then a massive damage spike, I don’t care if it was my friend who pulled out a penta-kill with it. it’s stupid, You can’t even compete with her, argue it if you will, I’m gone. I’ll watch for the nerf patch notes, but this is just ridiculous.

There are already a lot of topics about Alani being OP and gearbox has said a nerf is coming.

Please use an existing thread for this.