[Done] Save file loads in previous area?

Whenever I load up my game to play, it always takes me to the previous map location I saved at or at the beginning of the area rather than the most recent one. I’ll still have all the items I collected between the two saves, but I’ll be in the old location and the enemies have respawned.

It’s really annoying to have to make it all the way back. I saw some people had a similar problem on PC, but I’m not sure how I would fix it on my console.

When you start/resume your game, there are only specific locations on each map you can spawn at. These are the Fast Travel stations and - in certain circumstances - map transition points; New-U respawn stations don’t work for this. This is normal behaviour in the game.

There are a couple of spots where, for whatever reason, the Fast Travel doesn’t trigger properly when you hit it the first time. The Fridge is notorious for this, while the Arid Nexus also tends to be a bit spotty. The Creature Slaughter Dome aka Natural Selection Annex will also sometimes fail to register properly. This is a known issue; the work-around is usually to run around enough (or die) to trigger a save update in the area, and that unlocks the FT station.

This surprised me quite a bit when I first played BL2. I was used to games like the Elder Scrolls series where you re-appear pretty much right where you left off, and if you’ve cleared a area it stayed clear.

Obviously, BL2 doesn’t work that way, and you need to get used to it. You’ll learn to plan, to keep your sanity, to only quit out at know respawn points like fast travels or gateways to other areas (if that’s what you want).
And of course the re-spawning of baddies does allow for what is a great aspect of the BL series, the ability to re-battle and farm min and major bosses to get the best loot.
So learn to plan where you quit to re-start where you want to, and farm those bosses!

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Thanks for responding. I guess it’s been so long since I played Borderlands 2 that I forgot about the save mechanics.

Resolved, and closed.