Done with this game for a bit

Hate to say it but I’m done with gearbox untill this game has all it’s content and has it’s major problems fixed, I repeatedly question why they add a new level cap just after events where we spend hours of our time farming perfect versions of these great guns for them to be invalid within a couple of weeks.

I wish they would 1. Not only properly playtest things they add so we don’t end up with game limiting bugs that they can’t be bothered to fix for a week or two (a bit like the recent takedown health scaling problem which I am dumbfounded as to how they missed before release)

And 2. Listen to what people are saying about scaling, add a use for eridium so that we can scale our guns when a new level cap is added, otherwise what’s the point in farming these event guns they make a big deal about when they’re just going to make them useless before the next bit of content drops (and no I don’t mind it with guns we can get again because, yknow, farming is the point of borderlands).

I’m bored of doing the same stuff repeatedly having the same mistakes happen because a Dev team cant be bothered to take a minute and check that the thing they’re adding works or not, or the gun/event they’re adding is worthwhile to play through.

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