DON'T be scared or upset now people!

Dear Mods, please dont fuse this! this is important for them to know!

Hey Moze Gang!
Sorry, I haven’t talked to you guys much specifically.
I was about to make several threads about Moze, grenade issues and Iron bear.
Well, these plans are all kind of gone for now, which is a good thing!

so I just want to adress real quick what happened with this patch and what I wrote about it.

so BEFORE you get upset and start another sh*t show, please take a big deep breath and listen!

Changes WILL come eventually now… I am the last guy to white knight this game, you can see this in my MANY other threads an comments.

but this whole patch is a GOOD thing! A welcome sign!
just look at everything they wrote in there, they HEARD US and they ARE WORKING ON SOLUTIONS TO EVERYTHING!
so just take the hit for the next few weeks, play a diffrent moze build! (there are tons and TONS of amazing moze builds!) try a diffrent character or just enjoy the game for what it is! stay strong and then we will all enjoy the LARGE variaty of viable greandes! :smiley: <3

Dear Mods, please dont fuse this! this is important for them to know!


I hope so. I’m also still hoping they give us other options than Vampyr for sustain so people can play something other than grenade spam or deathless builds.


Man, I just want to get back to playing around with my Lemniscate COM, x2 Tunguska Moze without MoD breaking.

Plus I’m tired of people telling me to ‘try builds’, when they’ve probably never touched a Tunguska or Firestorm Sniper in their playthroughs. XD

what is holding you back playing your build? how is MoD breaking for you?

It stops working. no ammo, no grenade, unless I restart game.

and no, BBB isn’t the same. BBB loads ammo into pool, not into mag. (in case you bring up BBB)

The build is simply to have as many Tunguska missiles launch simultaneously into the air from their sticky, and see how many badguys get blown up.

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but they removed the interaction didn’t they?
I mean stickys counting as splash? or am I wrong about this?
or what is the issue? that you dont get ammo back for hitting stickys?

when I change map, fast travel. Sometimes MoD works fine with splash, even simply shooting splash guns would generate grenade and ammo, grenades that can also be used to generate more heavy ammo. Explosions from rockets would generate grenade as well.

However, sometimes after fast travel, MoD breaks, meaning regardless of splash, gun, nades, heavy, I get nothing, regardless of how much splash and how many targets I’m hitting, so I restart the game, and MoD would sometimes work, sometimes not, so I restart if it doesn’t


just to make sure.
you know that hotfixes are applied ONLY in game yes?
so that does mean if you restart the game and immediatly hop into the game, you will be considered “offline” which will not apply hotfixes for example. ( so you have more powerful guns, old interactions working)
and then you maybe sometime get the patch applied later by save quitting, and then it doesnt work anymore (because it got patched)

because this sounds like the issue you are having. many things are diffrent in online now.

BUT if you know that already and your MoD really stops working completly, then this is a bug I have never seen happen to me… can you tell me since when you have this problem?

It started today. It happened to me earlier a couple times, as well, but seems to be fine since then. I think it had something to do with the Terror effect bugging out, but I’m not 100%.

Dude, I’m not that stupid. I know it’s updated because there are ghosts from kills. Happened since this event.

Others experience broken MoD 100%, some fix the issue by reloading their guns, others don’t experience it at all.

sorry, I dont mean to offend you, jsut trying to help and figure stuff out. there are many diffrent types of players here :slight_smile:

It’s cool, I honestly haven’t logged since a few hours ago so who knows, it might be fixed now. I’ll check tomorrow.

I am still in the process of testing.

  • I tested a lot of diffrent greandes, tediore, so far they all work (beside hex quasar and storm front which is expected), return ammo, grenades, health and shield
  • I tested bloodletter blast master, mind sweeper. all work
  • I do have shield reboot and it does proc as well.
    everything works as it should be

There is so much to be done in terms of balance changes, skill trees, legendaries being the only viable thing in the game (and just a handfull of them), items overall, relics, annointed gear, its all so messed up its hard to think how are they going to fix it, mostly because didnt see much of a change since release, its been 2 hotfixes already without decent changes to game balance.

And while they keep saying performance issues are being adressed and are on the top of the “to do” list, every time i log in the game runs worst. Im not scared, im not upsed, im worried, sad. I wanted to play borderlands, i wanted to try builds, i wanted to have fun, and now im find myself playing minecraft while posting on the forums.

completly untrue :slight_smile:

its been more than 5 actually.

as they said, the game is only out for a month, it will take time to adress all these issues.

just relax and play the game as best as you can, or dont play it until the performance gets better for you.

bu yes this is true, and as they finally said now, they are working on it… so keep lurking here for 2-4 more weeks or ven until december, by then most of this stuff should be in the game

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I just want the Fastball back to its former glory! This week, faker should be called the Swerve Ball.

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I sold my Fastball. I looked at the awesome damage… then hit a heavy in the face with it and it barely tickled, so I went back to my Epicenter. Lol.

Props for taking a long view, rather than being knee jerk antinerf as some people are. Thanks for sharing the GB comment, as I didn’t see it in their main post.

I find Bloodletter to be in an awkward spot, as the recent redesign towards needing to manually heal kind of depends on having a sustainable supply of grenades. Blastmaster similarly will find it harder to keep many splash gun magazines topped off.

My fallback so far has been the Nagata, as it has a decent chance to restore the grenade while giving a good amount of Vampyr healing. Ruby’s Wrath has gained even more value, in my eyes, as it can get a grenade back here and there while mostly sustaining its ammo pool. Haven’t had the time to respec into Blastmaster (running Bloodletter), but I’m not sure what other guns to try beyond perhaps an Ogre.

I agree that Hex and friends were a bit too ridiculous, so hopefully this change will make way for buffs to Moze that allow for a wider variety of competitive builds.

I did notice that the direct impact explosion of a Hex (when it splits) was able regen a nade from MoD, which makes sense if they intentionally changed beams to be non-splash.

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Wait so what you are trying to say is:

“We will now have to wait for 2, 3 or even 4 weeks and wont be able to play Moze as we used to be, yes.”

We have to send wishes and prayers that we might be able to enjoy our game in maybe a month?

How about you were told the new car you bought just dropped its wheels on the road and you will have to wait a month to maybe get it running again if you get lucky?

This kind of rubbish they are pulling is beyond frustrating.


the problem is though that the comparison is wrong.
the car I bought had 6 wheels and drove at 600mph…

so hopefully in a month I have a good nice clean car with 4 wheels to choose from…

look, Im not saying that all this is ideal… but the game launch in this state and its to late to be perfect from the start now… so further complaining wont help… since they SAID now that they are working on it. on EVERYTHING… so we know it will get better.
so we need to patiently wait, or move on.

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