Don't dis new players!

I believe I am a true Homeworld fan. I have thoroughly enjoyed the campains of both Homeworld and Cataclysm. I also enjoyed HW2, to a lesser degree. But I have notest sum animosity toward new players who have not played the original games. I think we need all the players we can get right now, so please don’t dis the new players. We should help them as best we can.


i’ve said many times to people and will continue to do so that our community is small enough and we cannot afford to put people off playing because of toxic behavior.


There is two types, the new player and the noob
The new player will listen to you, communicate properly, and learn, and say “sry I’m new”. I’m happy to say that I have seen a some of those and they are growing in skill, it makes really happy to see that dude that did bad last game applying the tricks that I told them and improving, makes me smile. I can remember a few names.
But there is also the noob, he is toxic and stubborn, and will reply your tips with, “shut up”, “go f you, I know what to do” and stuff like that. Typical twelve years old kid behavior, nothing can be done to this kind of player.
The good part is that I see a lot of new players, and just a few noobs.

Perhaps you shouldn’t give people tips who haven’t asked for it.

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not much of an option when those brats are on your team and you see they keep sending single squads/ships just to get destroyed/captured

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Maybe, if this wasn’t a team game… but it is.


You’re omitting the other two annoyances to new players -

  • The troll who just uses the in-game chat to spout abuse for the sake of it, regardless of skill or time played.

  • The open drawbridge - the player who hosts the game as public but then kicks you because ‘the slot is for a friend’, opting to kick anyone who joins who isn’t the friend(s) they are waiting for rather than host the match with a password.

I am encountering both of these a little to often for more liking.

I personally feel no one should have authority to kick anyone out of a game. I feel if there is abuse happening then the players should exercise their right to leave the game.

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I was talking about here with in the forum.

Honestly this place seems much more hostile than the old Relic forums. It’s much more like the Warcraft ones.

I don’t know if it’s HW1 vs HW2, modders vs. players, or what. Perhaps it’s just the way things are now, but there’s a lot of dismissive and/or provocative comments and scorched earth BS.

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Yes it’s weird. There was plenty of playful banter, plenty of Clan vs Clan mentality, plenty of role playing. But even then when I was much younger and hot headed it still seemed like just a game. Now it seems like everything either seems personal or turns personal.

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I’ve been noticing this hostile behavior in many forums I attend to.
I think it’s more a general aspect.