Don't even have a single patch this week?

There are still many critical bugs but there is not patch anything.

I bought both Epic Games and Steam at full price, but it seems like an early access game that gradually beats buyers.

Of course, I enjoyed it enough, but that doesn’t give me a reason to break the promise with the buyer.

Starting from dlc3, it showed signs, and frankly, dlc5 is almost garbage.

Why garbage? Compare DLC1 and DLC5.
There is nothing other than adding a new skill tree.
And even that doesn’t completely work.

Looking at DLC6, it seems that it will be decided whether to purchase a gearbox game in the future.

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They made an announcement that they’re no longer doing weekly announcements/Hotfixes.
To be honest, it wasn’t helping anyhow.


Money wise we got our worth…

But not going to recommend this to anyone actually :sweat_smile: at least not in the current state


They made an announcement awhile back that they would slow down with the weekly hotfixes in favor of proper patches or updates.

As for this week its not surprising since the updates/hotfixes are usually on Thursdays and yesterday was Thanksgiving.

The hotfixes helped in regards to ones that fixed bugs or glitches. The ones for balancing met with mixed results. Buffs to things were almost always appreciated but anything nerfed for being OP (or a known glitch that was being exploited to do more damage than intended) was usually met by giant threads of people whining about it.

I see someone in need of help here.

For example, I bought a desk, and the legs were broken due to the seller’s problem. Will I use it without refunding or fixing it?

in game, As a typical example, the cryo property added by Amara’s new skill is not applied to the difusion skill.

This is the consumer’s authority to ask for a quick fix, apart from delaying the hot fix, just using the desk with the broken leg and waiting for it to be fixed.

Let’s see how the gearbox is doing next week.

For reference, this has been a problem since November 9.

In your example the comparison would be. Bought game retail. Disk had scratch in it causing read issues.

Game code is something entirely different. The only thing you’ve illustrated is an implication of thinking that fixing glitches and bugs in modern video games is a trivial matter. But then I guess anything seems easy when you aren’t the one actually doing the work.


The way things were going it is probably for the best that they are not fixing as much considering for every fix there were two new problems. Still waiting on that console crash fix or maybe some work with that split screen.

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Very few US companies I can think of (tending towards none) would release a software update on the US Thanksgiving holiday, even at the best of times.

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