Don't explain the joke

While I generally love the humor of BL3, I can’t help but notice this is a reoccurring theme lately.
Never…explain…the joke. It takes away all comedic timing. If people don’t get the joke, let it fly over their heads at first.
In TPS, we have worst character Pickle, “…uh, and by we, I mean YOU!” Yeah, I got it Pickle. The initial joke is the NPCs rarely ever actually help. We’re the gamer, so we do everything. That was understood.
Marcus does it in BL3 and now I’m annoyed that he copied worst character and you’ve recycled a joke. “…and by us, I mean you.” Keep in mind, I’m differentiating between a recycled joke and a running joke (turd farmers).
Moxxi does it as well. Though there can be a plausible defense for this case. “I’d like to shoot him somewhere, if you catch my drift. pause The dick, the drift is shoot him in the dick.” And given that it actually is a critical hit spot, this is rather useful information. Still doesn’t make the line funny, though.
For comparison, look at the mission to kill Dump in the early game given by Ellie. She remarks that you should shoot him in the ass, cause it’s funny. And then you notice that the game gives you an optional objective that actually rewards you for shooting him in the butt-butt. That’s funny!

You can also compare this to the mission in BL2 where Claptrap has you kill a bandit camp and keeps making cold puns. The character who runs on troll logic then proceeds to explain to you exactly how humor is supposed to work on a meta level, that’s funny.

Anyway, thanks for listening to my long rant. I know it’s pretty insignificant all things considered. I’m pretty easily amused, so when somebody messes up a joke that badly, it hurts my soul a little bit. Just hoping in future DLC this is avoided.

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