Dont Fakegrasp, Just Pre-Grasp!

I know people like to fakegrasp with TTB(to achieve max rush stacks) and now with the new spiritual mod(to activate new ASE anointments).

I just wanted to highlight that with the new ASE annointments. namely 100% extra damage on any gun plus 50% extra elemental damage on shields and nades. There is no need to fakegrasp anymore.

Usually you would go round fakegrasping to build up do harm stacks before you actually grasp a tanky target and wiping out the surrounding mob. I always found this playstyle cheesy and abusing an unintended mechanic.

i have been playing a Sin-tee build which uses avatar and 2 points into sustainment with a phasezerker mod that gives SMG and weapon damage since the game started.

Due to Avatar you can double phasegrasp in quick succession to gain 50 rush stacks plus 100% ASE gun damage and 2 x 50% extra elemental damage from nades and shields. Instead of grasping the tankyest target. you pre grasp the weakest target to quickly kill him and get 25 rush stacks and the ASE annointments. followed by immediately avatar grasping the tankyest target and wiping the mob leaving you with 50rush stacks and ASE anointments to godmode the next 10 seconds by which time you will get your phasegrasps back.

this above playstyle lets you use a variety of strong guns without the need to abuse any broken mechanics.

i solo slaughtershaft on mayhem 4 without checking modifiers using only a cryo crossroad with 100% extra damage ASE, with extra cryo and corrosive coming from nades and shields.

i solo the raid on mayhem 4 using the same as above but adding a corrosive cutsman to the mix.

no need to cheese unintended mechanics and extremely strong and satisfying.


I like the sounds of this, I recently reached level 50 with Amara and immediately built her up around the new driver with the fake grasping but became bored quickly and went back to the other 3. I’m gonna give her another go using this info. Thank ya

the more cheesier and broken mechanics abusive a playstyle is, the quicker the game becomes trivial and boring imo.

True satisfaction comes from doing the best you can the way the devs intended you to.

The build makes you very powerful with ok sustain. It does not make you invinceable. you can still die but that risk makes the game enjoyable.

After I’d had enough of Fakegrasp/Driver farming I returned to Phasecast/Phasezerker. I find that even easier now that I have a lot of +250% weapons. I mean, cooldown usually takes about 6 seconds, so ASE is permanently active too.


Hey @iqbalhussain1 , do you have a link to the build you’re using?