Don't feel pressed to rush it

Give yourself the time necessary to play-test the code push-outs; you’ll have to put it through the ringer on the new takedown with the changes as well. If you need the extra week or two, go ahead and take it if it is at all possible to do so. I.e. we can wait for the new takedown; seems you guys switched gears and are giving this priority. It is important and we know it will take some time to implement all these changes. <3


Why? We are the testers… according to their business model.


I could go another 4 months on what we have now with the new takedown included as long as they work on fixing from release to now. Seems a lot is being swept under rugs to push new content for some reason. Always seemed to me they are rushing this game.

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/Looks at all the posts clamouring for things to be fixed
/Looks at all the posts clamouring for new content
/Looks for the button to collectively knock those posters’ heads together…


Lol then we should have the perfect game. Im with you!

A: “Press the button! The bashing-heads-together button!”
B: “You’re not actually a game developer, are you”



Agreed. IMO, Mayhem 2.0 shouldn’t have come out until the 4th DLC had been out for like a month because, by then they would have a much better sense of what the end game looks and feels like. Still, it’s good to hear that they’re working to address this stuff.

I’m still super curious about what’s happening to quest rewards. I saw the bit in the QoL changes about them showing up in the machine beside Crazy Earl after you finish the mission, but what about Mayhem?! Like, if I’m in Mayhem 10 and I finish the mission to get the Whispering Ice grenade or Doc’s Rifle, will I get it at Mayhem 10 (or lower)? Or is that still not happening.

The only thing I ask for, to save many players from leaving for good, is TAKE OUT THE TRASH.


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Glad you guys are taking the time you need :+1:

wow wow you guys are assuming given time they can actually strike any resemblance of balance :d