Dont force me to play modes I dont like

I don’t know why today I cant pick just one mode or the other but a good way for me to not buy a game is forcing me to play modes I don’t like.

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I think Gearbox just wants people to play the different modes. Do not think that will be in the full game.

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Agreed, I just think that they are trying to test out a new system for today. In call of duty you vote for the map… not the game mode though… curious.

We’re playing with our tech for beta. Last night, we disabled the mode-specific playlists for a single master playlist with voting. Notice how we did that without patching! Notice also how it (for a short time) kicked everyone out of games. We’re fixing that right now.

I hope we can support exactly what you’re asking. We have the technology to do it (once we work out a few kinks). The bigger issue for us here is queue time. Every time we give you a different playlist option, we divide the base of active players into smaller pools. That means the time it takes to find a match in each queue gets longer. This effect is negligeable if you have, say, a million people waiting to queue in. It’s a pretty dramatic effect when you get back down to just hundreds or thousands of characters waiting to login.

My belief is that there are generally two camps of players in this: the group who wants to play ONLY what they want, when they want; and the group who just wants to get into anything AS FAST AS FREAKING POSSIBLE. I want to try and take care of both types of players.

Right now, our working plan for launch is to have the three pools for competitive, one for each mode: INCURSION, MELTDOWN, CAPTURE. At launch, there will be multiple maps for each of those modes, so there will still be voting. But at least you will be playing the MODE you want. In addition, we’re considering offering one or two other playlist buttons - A “QUICK MATCH” button which would have a mix of all modes, and/or a “FEATURED MATCH” button which would take one map/mode combo and match you right into that (sort of a recognized community favorite or special promotion map).

TLDR; - I think we have you covered, but we’re trying to find the balance between good choices and longer matchmaking queues.


I’m not sure but I think the beta just picks one for you to make you experience it all and/or find bugs in different modes. I would hope you can pick in the retail game. If you can’t even pick modes…then I might just wait for Overwatch.

Thank you for taking the time to include this message, and considering both sides.

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I appreciate that you’re sharing your thoughts with the community! I love the game so far and am a big fan of Gearbox. I will say that that blended matchmaking has been frustrating. I love the idea of split game searches and a quick match which will put you into either one (fastest possible match). Would it be feasible to include the split playlist and a quick match in the beta? I feel like that would cover both camps of people and keep times relatively low.

Would this be a sort of “first available” that would fill in gaps for groups waiting in the three main queues? Sounds like a fine idea for people that don’t care which mode they play, since it would also reduce wait times for others.

That’s what I would prefer, but I’m not sure that’s something we could do in the short term. I’ll talk with our tech team this week and see if we can set some goals for that.


Good on you to respond to OP, I think they were being a bit harsh as this is open beta, of course features are going to be disabled. Your planned system sounds pretty solid IMO.

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