Don't have to grind in UVHM?

If everything scales to my level in UVHM does this mean I don’t have to do any side-missions/grinding if I don’t want to?

Right. If you just want to do the main quest then go for it. You could even save the side missions for when you’re level 72 for max level rewards.

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As @AMG_75 said: you can pick and choose exactly what you want to do at any time.

Running through the game, there are certain side quests I like to save for max level, others I’ll take if the gear will help through a rough spot, and others that I’ll do because the rewards aren’t worth saving. Some examples:

  • Safe and Sound, Rakkaholics Anonymous: save for max level (Heartbreaker and Rubi)
  • Out of Body, the Slappy mission: save unless I feel the need for a blue unique shotgun
  • Anything with blue non-unique or lower gear, eridium, cash, skins, etc.: grab the XP as soon as possible to get to level 72

The other ones I’ll do as soon as they’re available in UVHM are the ones that unlock runnable bosses: so In Memoriam (Boll - Fastball), Good Bad Mordecai (Mobeley & Gettle - Veruc and Lyuda), etc.

I’ll do all main story up to Heroes Pass before level 72. I’ll generally do all of Torgue main story as well as the first half of Scarlett (stopping before triggering the Sandhawk mission), Marcus Mercenary Day, and then start TTAoDK. That usually gives me enough XP to hit level 72 before facing either the Warrior or Handsome Sorcerer, so I stand a better chance of getting max level drops there.


I try to save completed quests at different levels with different characters.
I have a lvl50 with most red text gear ready to turn in , as well as a 72 and I’m working on my OP8 Maya.

With my other OP8 Maya I accepted all the quests as I progressed through UVHM story , then reset it after.

See, I would run this one earlier since I find the Striker to be significantly better to use than the Octo. Just personal preference, though.

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I generally don’t farm until end-game, so it wouldn’t make any difference to me, but I see your point. Hmm… reading the description on the Wiki: I’m assuming that folks have tried equipping the mysterious amulet while wielding a striker? That must have been tested already, right? Edit: Yup. Thoroughly tested. Epic troll is epic.

That amulet still bugs me. I tried so many different things with it.
And the 2 spiders in the cages just into the mines. :thinking:
Whats it all about?!

eh hem! [sound of clearing throat]. I beg to differ! lol

Its more like:

^ There it is. This is more accurate. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Well not quite. I mean, I’ll steadily work through all the side quests with nice goodies until I have all the max level ones I want.

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I wouldn’t consider that ‘farming’. Unless you’re dboarding your quest rewards for prefix and parts. Just waiting till end game to complete quest for the reward isn’t farming in ‘Borderlands sense’ of the word. :wink:

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