Don't keep the respec cost raising(Solved)

make it at a fixed cost pls, i didn’t know why GB did’t do that, but keep respec cost raising feature, u didn’t know people know constantly change the mixs of the skill tree. most farming game have such tree didn’t use such act, i didn’t know why they need to do that, may be due to easily farming money in the game, but to the gerernal and causal players, this act is really bad, we are constantly changing the mixed for gameplay, but when u is seeing the cost keep raising ( without limited), even there was limited( i didn’t think so, in term of BL2 experience).

whatever, pls keep the respec cost as low as possible and be a constant cost. people need to constantly change the mix for better experience

It is constant, always 10% of your actual money, so it’s up to you how much you will pay.

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It’s the same as respawning, it takes a certain percentage of your current money, so you’ll never not be able to re-spec.

As has been pointed out, it’s a fixed 10% of your cash balance, you think it has been rising because you have had more cash each time. :grin:

It would be nice to not be locked in to each point you place though as making a mistake can be annoying. Having this feature ‘float’ with a confirm build button to seal the deal would be handy GB.


10%, however, fixing at a constant value would be good .

What value would you suggest?

for exampke:
bank value 100 K
1st respec 90k remains
2nd 81K remains
3rd 73K …

after around 30 respecs your bank value is 1 K.

now try to imagine how much money you will earn during testing all theses templates.

Nope - no need to make it fix.

More like 43 times :slight_smile:

I was always buying the SDU upgrade first before the respec. Money is easy to earn in BL3, especially in endgame.

Create a 2nd player mule, or grab a friend, and give them most of your cash. Then respeccing won’t cost hardly anything.

Yes, we need this. I should be able to play around with the skills until I’m satisfied and confirm the change.

I’m fine with respec/respawn being 10% but I think that there should be a cap on it. It shouldn’t ever cost me $10,000,000 for either one. It should have a max of about $5,000,000.

43 times - correct.
im old :wink: and too much rounding …

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If your fee is 10M, you already have all the SDU upgrades, so who cares about it.

Respawns and respecs still cost money. I like to play around with new builds sometimes, which can lead to a lot of deaths and respecs. That ends up costing a lot of money.

If you have no money, respeccing is free. You’ll always be able to respec with the current system. If it were a fixed amount, it’s possible you could hit a wall where you can’t respec.

However, I feel the respec cost is just a “feel bad” feature that doesn’t serve a real purpose. At most it hurts new players and casual players who don’t play as often. They could come back after weeks, or even days, only to find their build isn’t as effective.

While it is possible to “abuse” the system if there were no fees by respeccing freely before farming each boss, is that really efficient? I’d be better off just finding a solid build and sticking to things I can handle for that session.

I would rather they remove the costs completely as it only punishes those who have the least amount of money. You shouldn’t have to choose between a viable build and that next SDU upgrade. Dying is costly enough (and that’s another discussion).

Im ok with a percentage but lowering it would be nice. And a confirm option would be great.

While on the topic of respecing they need to add stations before big bosses especially ones with large mobbing zones to get to like Aggonizer, wotan, etc. That way you could run a mobbing build to the boss then a bossing build for taking out the boss. Or allow for multiple builds you can switch to.

Just create a new account. Give your gold to this 2nd account. Your respec cost will be 0. After respeccing, trade back the gold.

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it is custom to have a constant cost on reallocation of skill point, like AC series
then as i haven’t finish BL2 LV72 or +8( my money balance is really low due to the mode of ammo consuming and respawn cost) , so this “raising cost”( before knowing 10% fixed) … u know.

u didn’t know would there were DLC like UVHU, money is really scarce to a general and causal player, as well not a fan of this series

however, as there was no respawn cost, if it’s , a constant cost would be good to me.