Dont make glitched guns grindable

i want to farm my loot, grinding boring as hell

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Kay, thanks for that lovely input.

Grinder is the best thing to happen to TPS, its not like you have to use it if you find it “boring”.

You know what I find boring? Having to dashboard every time Meg doesn’t drop a torrent, then I have to hope to god its a flying prefix and on and on it goes.

Thank you based grinder for allowing me to get parts/prefixes I desire without making my eyes bleed with the amount of game time required.


Agree 100%

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  1. bosses gonna be farmable
  2. thats the point, some items suppose to be rarer then others and thats making getting them more satisfing. while i agree that some drops should to have better chances, id still rather winning that rare drop fighting rather then dashboarding and duplicating guns in the grinder untill i get it.
  3. who dashboarding while farming meg? seriously?
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Seems like you have problem with people having fun the wrong way.

  1. Bosses haven’t been farmable at all for the last 5 months
  2. good for you, some of us like to hit the grinder after a long day of nothing dropping and having to spend more time watching the 2k aus logo than actually shooting at none respawning bosses.
  3. Meg was just the first boss that popped into my head, nice nitpicking.

Basically if don’t like the grinder then don’t use it, but don’t you dare flagellate people because they use a feature in the actual game to their advantage.

Was there even a point to this thread aside from you wanting a soap box to say “I am mad at x, rawr rawr rabble rabble!”?


allright il try to ignore the fact you delusing yourself things i never said and you physicly unable to accept it people has different opinion then you.
there is not even a logical reasone to search for perfectly parted weapons in tps, you could use the best part youll get. game is easy as ■■■■ anyway,
no, i didnt rant “rawr rawr im mad” you just decided to read that way for unknown reasone

id rather gearbox spend their time making legendaries be earned by beating bosses rather to toss a bunch of weapons together without a loot source, but to each their own , some people want to sit all day griding duplicated weapons untill you get perfect gun in a loot and shot game, allright then, might as well just give us bullid ingame Gibb, will save a crapload of time wouldnt it?

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The snark and sarcasm ends now if we wish for this thread to remain open.

Discuss opinions respectfully.

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You’re making a lot of assumptions about the way I play this game, but I’m sensing a great deal of hostility and anger from you so I’ll leave off until you simmer down.

Grinder is great for a number of reasons, not just legendary weapons/shields/ect but also for the lovely luneshine bonuses and being able to roll for weapons like sniders or quads with a little more accuracy than hoping RNG is on your side and the stars align with you finally getting that corrosive snider you always wanted.

Then again, I am “delusing” myself into thinking fun should be the prerogative for video games and that the grinder has helped make the game more fun.

What do you think I do with my lovely new fangled grinded guns? Just sit around Concordia all day grinding some more? Nope I got out and I Wreck (shoot) and do raids (loot).

Grinder helps give people a leg up in the end game so they can actually attempt things like soloing Sentinel and any inevitable raids from the dlc.


im not sure how you sense hostility in message board, im calm my friend. youre the one started talking sarcastly and i answered the same way you talked to me.
and one last thing
“Then again, I am “delusing” myself into thinking fun”

thats not what i said at all, what i said you were quoting me on stuff i never said, and you just did it again.
allright, you like a different playstyle then me, that dosent means im not allowed to share my opinion.
good day


You’re the one bagging on people for using a feature within the game and if you think people can’t pick up hostility through messages yet go on to say I was talking sarcastically…So either you’re saying you can detect sarcasm through text but other people can’t pick up on hostility or you’re being silly now.

You more than welcome to share an opinion, but be prepared to defend said opinion from scrutiny with reasonable arguments rather than calling me delusional and raging about people not playing the way you want.

You don’t like thing? Cool! Was this really thread worthy in the first place? Lol nope.

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Sorry, I just dont see this going anywhere positive any more. I asked for some civility and none was given.