Don't Miss Borderlands 3 News During PAX Online on September 12

See what’s on the horizon for Borderlands 3 during the Gearbox PAX Digital Showcase on September 12!

Borderlands 3 is about to drop the fourth campaign add-on included in the Season Pass content, but there’s still plenty more mayhem on the way. Following the September 10 launch of Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck, PAX Online is hosting the Gearbox PAX Digital Showcase this Saturday, September 12. The Gearbox PAX Digital Showcase will air on the Gearbox Twitch and Gearbox YouTube pages starting September 12 at 12:45 PM PT (localized times listed below), along with co-streams by the community including members of the Borderlands Creator Team. We’ll see you there, Vault Hunter!

Gearbox PAX Digital Showcase starts: September 12 — 12:45 PM PT / 3:45 PM ET / 8:45 PM BST, September 13 — 3:45 AM CST, 5:45 AM AEST

There will be a VOD of the show for those that miss the live event! :slight_smile:


With the vertical split screen announcement and 4 player co-op will the tiny text and ui be fixed at this time as well?


Did they announce a fix to the console crashing issue that have plagued this game since release last year?

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You have to appreciate the gall it takes to announce these additions as ‘next gen upgrades’ when we all know they are fundamentally broken mechanics that needed fixing all along. The PR department gets the employee of the year award for me.


Oh I agree 100% with you in that the PR department and announcement team have knocked it out of the park. Another way to look at it is “we beta tested for a full year” so the next gen will operate as the game should of when it released initially.

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