Don't Nerf the Fun

I’ve never played Borderlands before BL3. When I finally decided to give the series a try, I was glad I did. My first impression of Borderlands was that it was unrestrained. It has a large open world with plenty of loot and activities. It totally loved up to the hype. I slogged through the story and grinded for hours to get the right gear to make the most powerful builds. This is what any video game should be. Fun in a virtual world. Almost no rules. I have played enough to get to 230 Guardian rank (adding even more power to my stats) and there is still more gear that I’m hunting. I’ve still never seen a recurring hex or rain firestorm (RIP).

Then the nerfs started coming. Nerfs to weapons and skills. My problem with these sort of adjustments has nothing to do with difficulty. I still have no problem playing the game on TVHM:MH3. It has to do with fun. It’s fun to grow more powerful in your virtual world and even be considered OP. I can understand The Porcelain Pipe Bomb adjustment. One shotting bosses is an unintended effect. But I would still argue against it. Why? Because it’s just awesome and fun. It’s not how I would always play the game but it’s cool to be able to do it. I would definitely argue against the rest. Especially recent Nerf’s to grenade mods and skills. The most fun thing to do in the game is find a synergy between weapons, artifacts, Shields, class mods and skills and become a god (if you want to).

Here’s the thing; you don’t have to. If you want to, you can make the game more difficult by using all white weapons or any of the plethora of green, blue, purple or even orange weapons that are not powerful or with talents yet to be discovered. You can try out new skill allocations or do any number of things to change the way the game plays for you. I think it is worth mentioning that many of the items that are considered OP are only OP in conjunction with certain skills or artifacts and not everyone uses the same loadout as the guys/ gals posting videos online. Not everyone plays the game the same and that’s the real point.

More and more I feel like developers want to force players to play games the way they want us to play. They want us to have the experience that they want us to have. This is where we will disagree. I think I should be able to play the game and enjoy it the way I want to. Especially in a PvE only game. Devs don’t have to sit next to me in my living room and witness my experience and it doesn’t affect other players. There is no reason to make heavy handed adjustments to gear/ skills in a game that is just PvE. The game now feels subdued and less fun to me. There are things I never got to try before they were adjusted. Things that I saw streamers use that looked like fun. There are plenty of things to fix in the game without fixing things that aren’t broken. Leave the fun alone.


Some stuff needed a nerf, some did not. Still, you can EASILY beat the game with a Ladle;) What is a clever use of game mechanics or just a nasty game exploit, that is not always easy to answer.

I can agree with you but if they didn’t change anything, who does it hurt?

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It hurts the replay value. If you can’t strive for something the game becomes old hat quickly… If there’s no point in seeing how some unique gear works because what you have is broken op you’ll never see what you could be missing out on. It hurts the customer when choices don’t exist because only a handful of things are ever going to be used.


Seems like you don’t actually want to play on the highest difficulty possible then.
There is no reason for the highest difficulty to play like godmode.

If you want godmode, you can always lower the difficulty. That’s what a difficulty setting is for.

Well, I might ask you the same question, as you said “I can understand The Porcelain Pipe Bomb adjustment. One shotting bosses is an unintended effect.”

Personally, I believe this game could be more like how Cusine Royale once was. It was basically insanely crazy for a Battle Royale game. You could Jump high up in the air with bunny slippers, run as flash Gordon with speed shoes and so forth. Then some of it got nerfed and it started to be just a, well, NORMAL BR’ish. So, yeah, I would not mind weapons and items to get insanely mind-boggling crazy, as long as it is done with fingerspizgefuhl.

I’m still playing on the highest difficulty. I guess I just have whiplash from the changes. It’s a video game. In general I want games to be more over the top. You have to admit that the alternative to the OP weapons is mostly underwhelming weapons and again, how I play the game in no way affects how you or anyone else experiences the game.

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Like I said, making changes like the ones that have been made since launch FORCES people into a box. The more the parameters are changed to react to meta or playstyle the smaller the box gets. It’s not like they are making small changes either. It’s not just small adjustments to a specific weapon or item. It’s large changes to attack certain loadouts. I don’t mind difficulty but I do mind long encounters just because most things aren’t viable for damage output in Mayhem 3 against annointeds and bosses.