Don't Over Nerf Galilea

Look, I understand that she needs some nerfs, but this is starting to get absurd. What next she has to find blind & deaf? I enjoyed playing Galilea because she was a female tank with some odd powers. That was the lure that drew me into her, now with each passing update, I’m starting to worry that Battleborn will listen ‘too much’ to their fanbase to the point where every interesting character is reduced to a shadow of its former glory just to accommodate others who are upset. (Also, playing a slightly crazy female tank has been fun.)

Now with that said, I’m ok with some of the changes/suggestions as of now, but I’m starting to get wary of how much weaker they’re gonna make her. She was a multi-useful tank, who wasn’t a one trick pony. I’m just staring to get irritated that every time I’ve logged in to read the supposed ‘fixes’ to her, that many of suggestions just make her almost pointless to play.

I liked being able to adjust her Helix for multipurpose situations as they arise. But as it’s starting to shape up, I’m starting to see a trend that one of the most powerful tank chars is going to be reduced to somekind of second of third string character.

In all likelihood that’s most likely what’s going to happen.


She hasn’t been nerfed yet


GBX looks at more than the number of nerf this character threads, they also look at the numbers they’re gathering and then decide whether or not a particular character needs to be changed in anyway.

Yeah, I’m aware. I usually don’t have enough time to play every character in a game. I usually play a Tank or someone who doesn’t have to be too close to the action. So naturally I gravitated towards Galilea, because she was one of the first female characters that I’ve seen that looked the part of a tank that wasn’t overcompensating for lack of sheer size. Plus she’s got that dark personality.

But yeah, I do understand that she’s very powerful and some changes have to be made. I just don’t want them to overdo it. I pretty much use all her abilities, though I do think just by the sheer nature of the game that some characters are just going to be more powerful than others depending on the situation.

So far they have nerfed at least 5 characters that I know of and one of them twice, they are all still very good.

I have no fear they will over nerf her.


Well I read in the upcoming patches there’ll be a series of changes done to Galilia via the interview & the reddit summary.

Yes that is true they are balancing her, but don’t worry again they have done a lot of this so far to other characters and none of them suck because of it.

She will be just fine.

I hope that’s the case.

I thought that she got two nerfs already. At least that’s what the patch notes state. (Between beta and official release.)

  1. Galilea will have her attack while sprinting removed.
  2. Desecrate will no longer apply silence and wound effects over time, only on initial use of the ability.
  3. The intention is to allow other melee characters (Rath, El Dragon etc) the ability to run in and beat her around. (That’s what’s down the line so far.)

Balance is relative. If they make Galilea balanced, for many she will feel horribly weak as the sudden dip in power renders her unable to do what she can do currently.

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I completely agree. And I also worry about the nerf being too harsh due to all the complaints. In fact, last night for the first time, 2 teams in a row bashed me for being galilea as if she’s this tutorial OP goddess that only bad players use. Starting to really get frustrated with how many people will absorb and regurgitate negative criticism that they themselves have never looked into.

Galilea is a complex character to play (obviously not saying she’s this advanced hero only a few can use, but relative to other heroes she certainly is). However, if the opposing hero against galilea is just rushing her and not leaving the desecration circle, then even if the galilea player is bad they will probably win. That’s as close to OP as she gets.

Don’t get me wrong, she needs some adjustments, such as sprinting while attacking, but hearing how people want her silence completely removed is absurd. She’s classified as territorial. Changing the silence to only work inside the circle was a good fix. It made sense. In the circle bad. Out good. Now people don’t want it at all. So what exactly would be her use? She’s meant for holding your ground so your team can push forward.

I thought so many heroes were OP in the start, but as I played I learned their moves and my own, it became more about the player’s skill, gear, team composition, and their own knowledge of who I’m playing as. Which is how it should be. It’s so garbage to just rant and cry OP after getting smashed cuz you’re salty. Yeah I’ve been pissed trust me, but I never once came to this forum to rant about it. Only to read and learn about the heroes that I’m having a hard time with.


She can wreck people plenty fast outside of the circle, in fact she may kill them faster without it since she tops 1100DPS and spending a second to use a skill may not be worth it. I’d never call her a complex character though, Orendi is listed as “easy”, but she is not. Galilea is listed as complex but she is not. Her basic attacks are fast and AoE so she barely needs to aim and clears lanes easily, leveling up easily, and has an easy powerful ranged stun. Kleese and Marquis and Ambra are also territorials but you can destroy their rifts, sunspots and owls.

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well ambrose that nerfex planed for her are not even clsoe to being enuff to balance her im sure you jsut enjoy her becausse she is broken as hell and u cant get anything done wigh other blanced heros

The complexity comes into play with her helix tree and how you approach engagements. Most people think they can just jump into the middle of a team and slash them down with her, but if the other team has any idea what they’re doing, that won’t ever happen. Yes, she is plenty capable outside of her ring, but alone without her team? Dead. She really does require paying a lot of attention to teammates and correctly choosing helix skills depending on the opposing team’s composition and even your own.
Still, I realize she needs work, not denying that. I just think she’s severely underrated in difficulty and overrated in power.
I bet you after she’s nerfed, people will move onto ghalt or isic as being OP until none of them can even be called heroes lol.
I trust Gearbox will do it right though.


Such insight and excellent grammar. Please do tell us more about your ideas for balancing Galilea


What other character expects to wade into the enemy team and slash them all down? Either a newbie or someone who has confidence in how absolutely powerful their character is. By “any idea” you mean “FOCUS GALILEA WITH EVERYTHING” because shes the biggest threat. Alone without her team shes… still amazing. She still has the highest DPS and the best CC.
People already know ISIC and Ghalt are overpowered and i agree, ISIC’s wards are insanely effective, when they arnt up he can just block until they come back off CD, they block ranged and melee, even ultimates. Ghalt got a huuuuuuge buff and then a small nerf, no surprise if hes still a little on the strong side you just dont see him as often.

@Zionkai, @mawer555:


That’s the thing though is she was suppose to be a tank but how it is right now is that she is the best attacker defender with crazy good support skills as well. She does significantly too much damage for being classed as “Defender”. I have full faith that gearbox will do this right but she needs to be nerfed hard.

I apologize. I do however, feel like it was bound to be said by someone since all he did was attack Ambrose. I’m discussing this topic with Dwarfurious who has an opposing opinion, but we’re conversing just fine.
Plus I hardly said anything rude. I was just very sarcastic haha
Still, duly noted.