Don't Push Loot Nerf to Patch without fixing Critical Bugs first

Really not fond of the loot nerf that they hotfix’d last week. It rewarded people that treated the game like a job and played it 12 hours a day for a week, but not your average vault hunter.

Secondly, i just had my bank erased and my last backup was from last week. You’ve got some nerve if you think the leggos that I got from the last week I was gonna just “re-farm through some crappy drop rate game.” I turned my game offline, went to Jacobs loot tink farm and got some ez leggos for the last week I lost.

Look Gearbox. The people that want to farm can farm, and that’s fine for them but I don’t have 20hrs/day to farm. Some people want to complain “its too ez to get leggos, wahhh!” If they want to work hard and farm a boss 30x for 10% droprate, let them. If some ppl want to farm loot tinks, let them. Literally the only thing that saved me from losing my ■■■■ at my bank erasing was the fact I could still EZ farm a bit. I lost items friends traded me in the past week too. If you make me patch my game to play online with these loot nerfs - i’m gonna be pissed off because uninstalling the game to farm isn’t cool.

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