Don't quit. Please. It's getting rough out there

Look, I’ve been playing this game since release and I’ve been having a good time with it. I’ve never really been into MOBAs but the first person perspective allowed me to dive in as a console gamer and I’ve been having a blast. However, the one thing that absolutely sucks the joy out of the game is people who are calling for a surrender at the first sign of a push or are outright just going AFK because they’re not stomping on the other team, usually after a failed vote for surrender. I cannot express how much of an absolute killjoy players like this can be.

Players have even left the game when it’s not going their way. The developers have done their job and put in a program so that if you do that, you can’t start a new game unless you rejoin the one you left or the one you left ends. So the problem isn’t with the development of the game itself, it’s in the community. So I guess what I’m saying is that I’m not mad, guys. I’m just disappointed.

This is a great game. Don’t ruin it by being that guy/gal. If you’re falling behind, it’s not the end of the world. If you lose, who cares? It’s a game, have fun with it. Don’t ruin it for other people by being that kid who’s losing so he takes the ball and goes home.

—PS: I never post on threads like these, but this has been such a pervasive issue I felt the need to finally say something about it where people might see it. It’s now become like 1 out of every 3 games I play at least will have this happen and I don’t like that I feel like putting a game that I like down because other players are being sore losers.


Well, I just wanna say “Welcome to MOBAs World”.

That’s just how it is if you dont punish people for doing so, and when I mean punish I mean temporary ban (like on LoL for example). But I dont think Gearbox can afford loosing players at the moment.

I can’t think of a viable solution without punishment. (unfortunatly)

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Completely agree with both :confused: I’m a moba die hard, and a gbx fan… But like was stated, bans will kill the player base… Console gamers aren’t used to the world of online gaming to the same degree, hence why simple games like cod and battlefield flourish. It’ll take time, and encouragement from the community. We can really only hope.
Side note, I’ve been seeing a lot less of that! Hell, I had a match where we got crushed for awhile, barely able to keep our last sentry from being melted, and we won. Nobody quit, afk’d, raged. It was a beautiful moment, a tough match, and arguably uneven. (They had kleese and Toby on echelon).
So there is hope :slight_smile:

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I’m just curious even though I don’t play PvP. If the wait times for PvP matches are that long, shouldn’t it be the case that people aren’t quitting so early? I mean, I wouldn’t wait 5-15 minutes for a game just to play 5 minutes and wait 5-15 minutes again… and so on.

Before I discovered Borderlands and now Battleborn I was a LoL player and after 20 minutes ingame it was often obvious, if the match was a surrender20 or not. But still we had 40 minute matches, downvoted a surrender vote and won (every LoL player nows that).

So I can’t really believe either that the surrenders are that toxic in BB or that players are so numb in the brain spending more time in the lobby then in the match (where they would get better by losing and therefore win more often having less time to spend in the lobby for not surrendering early). This seems paradox to me.

Yeah I got to admit that I have seen far worse than battleborn on this.

Not i, but I was very mainstream for a very long time. Don’t judge me :stuck_out_tongue:

So I completely agree went through about 10 games yesterday and i would say 9/10 at least one person or more quit. Not to mention 10/10 voted to surrender within the first 2mins. 3 things are killing this game for me… quitters, people who have absolutely no clue how to teamwork or play, and the 10min wait times to join a game…

We have quite possibly the worst players in a game out of all the games and the most toxic group of people ever.

So first I want to say thank you, guys! Wasn’t expecting this much of a response so relatively quickly. Secondly if there are any developers reading, maybe a good way to further dissuade rage-quitters from doing what they do best would be to rearrange matchmaking so that people who frequently disconnect are matched with others who frequently disconnect. Someone else brought up that this may be something they’re unwilling to do so early on so that they don’t lose players, and I get that 100%, but the fact remains that this continues to be an issue. If they don’t want to ban people that’s the best solution I can think of.

Also, maybe unrelated, how about a praising system for a game MVP? Maybe require a 3-vote minimum to activate and restrict it so you can’t vote for yourself, but I think it might be a fun way to let players acknowledge a good play/behavior. I know I’ve definitely had some healers I wanted to show some appreciation to once the match was over hahaha.

May seem like a tangential thought but I think if we’re talking about adjusting bad behavior from the community, a carrot may work better than a stick. I know little to nothing about game development so I could be completely in the wrong here, but that’s just my two cents.

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I see your point and completely understand what you mean. However the main point of any game (in my opinion) is to have fun. And of course you can have fun when you play with friends, or when you win, or when you do good at the game and if the match was very intense and close.

Unfortunately i play solo and really try my best each game our score doesnt really matters, the only thing that I care about is having a nice and intense game. And when during the first 60 -120 seconds you understand that you are not only playing with pugs but your whole team got destroyed during the first wabe of minions and you have 3-4 people dancing on your base what can you do? Its not about loosing game, i have some matches we lost but the games went incredibly intense! Its about having fun from fighting other players and i can hardly see any fun of respawning constantly.

I am not blaming other people in looses i am just trying to do my best in each match but there are some games that you really need to vote for surrender or leave the match. I mean some games and they are like 10% to me but it happens.

This game needs some serious work on matchmaking. If there will be more games for people of equal skills i am sure there will be less retreat votes or leaving.

I’m not mad about losing the game itself because, as you said, if everyone is playing to the end even a losing game can be a lot of fun. What I’m saying is that people who quit, call for surrender or just stop moving (go AFK) at the first sign of things not going our way that not only make the game a losing battle, but it’s not fun anymore.

I don’t care if I end up being the one dragging a team around, I really don’t. Not that it happens often, but I’ve actually had fun in those games too. I have fun in virtually any situation as long as the entire team is still at least attempting to be in the game, winning or losing. All I’m saying is if you picked up the game to play, then play. If you picked it up for a constant pat on the back and be able to rage quit with next to zero consequences, go back to call of duty. We don’t like that behavior here.

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This whole thing is more complicated the deeper you go. As stated in this thread, punishing the quitters is to heavy handed at the moment. People will cry and leave the game and that hurts us all. While I called for harsh punishments on the quitter, I realise now we cant with the small playerbase we have and the young stage the game is at. So… ive looked at the other end of the spectrum. The aggrieved players. To that end ive come up with some ideas, mostly from other games. Lets dive in shall we.

The Cavlary has Arrived:

So this idea works on the premise of allowing players to join matches in progress. However as most people quit when losing, spawning someone into that is a bit harsh and will hurt player experience. So first up they have to spawn in at a certain level. An average of team level should be a good start. Next we have to address the state of the match. Now while some will call this next move unfair on the winning players, this is for unranked play only so relax on your precious stats, here me out, and let that competitive spirit out and desire a match where you earn the win to the end. Not in the first 5 minutes.

When a new player spawns into a match in progress, they are granted a buff (damage, atk speed, health) that lasts for a certain amount of time (my intial formula was 1 minute + 20 seconds if the first sentry down + 20 seconds if the second sentry has taken damage). This buff also extends to friendly players nearby, though half the strength.This means the competitiveness doesnt leave when the sore loser does.


This concept is pretty much ripped from wintergrasp in world of warcraft. (Tenacity). When a sore loser leaves the team, all remaining players are buffed (definitely not too much, the tenacity buff taught us this lol) to compensate. Or instead of the buff you reduce the respawn timer. This method does not require joining in progress. This method however carries a danger of exploitation. Say a premade is losing, they may ask a team mate to disconnect for the buff and have them rejoin. This would need to be severely punished if caught doing it many times. However with the right number tweaking on the buffs, it could be negated.

I still think quitters should be branded with a title they cant remove for a week or two so we all know their pathetic. Something like “Waaaaah” with a little crying emoji.

Also they need a solo que and a party que. Stop the grouped pub stompings. Stop punishing solo players. If you want a premade, you should have to fight other premades.


Worst part is the quitters 9 times out of 10 are one of the main reasons why they’re losing, they don’t understand how to play as a team or play the game like its not another simple team death match game.

I know people like this in real life, like in League of Legends they only pick selfish champs and play them selfishly, wanting to fight nonstop with no thought involved even at a disadvantage. And when they get clowned by anyone who isn’t horrible they rage quit lol. That’s why I didn’t buy this on PC to play with them but yeah, when you have time for 2 matches before a pre-shift sleep it’s annoying when both end that way.

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