Don't see enough ISIC players

What do you guys think of ISIC, I personally when from a thorn main, to ISIC

I think he’s super powerful and yet I hardly see anyone play him.


You will see me. I main ISIC. Love the play, love the humor, love the ISIC.

Tried him. Couldn’t get the hang of him.

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Yeah me and my friends also didn’t play him because they didn’t know how to . I played a bit of him in the algorithm by myself on normal . I found it fun but I didn’t play him anymore because I thought that it would be difficult to use him for advanced difficulty and in PvP

I see, he’s (IMO) the best Tank right now, he can block dmg, put shields that reflect projectiles and use a sentry mode to lock down areas.

Reflecting wards is hilarious. The number of times I’ve had OM / Montana go full auto on my wards and take a constant stream of damage . . . Or stunned a Rath out of Beyblade mode . . .

I would say he’s a more complicated range tank than montana (who just balances heat and hp refill with ulti’s damage resistance), but like Gallilea he’s pretty insane in damage output for a tank, even before you unlock the (slowly) walking death ulti. Doesn’t have their life steal / hp regen, but between shields + wards + shields regened again from wards + Altfire shield he has a pile of nice self regenerating life.

I don’t main Isic but i really like to play as him. The sad truth though is that everyone kinda plays him once and then says hes not for me and then gets ignored by most people. Their loss though, it just means i do not have to worry about other players picking him.

I am planning to main ISIC myself. I just got the FB code for his gold/red skin :smiley: and now I am trying to do the campaign with a friend so that he can help me get my final lore piece (5 games w/ Kleese).

ISIC is a ton of fun for me. I like backdooring on that one Incursion map with the cliffs. I like reflecting bullets, arrows, projectiles, and generally making Marquis question reality as much as ISIC does when he begins sniping himself.

ISIC’s vo is one of the funniest and Borderlands-esque things in this game and that vo makes even dying fun in PVP.
“Suck it, fleshbags! There’s literally thousands of me!”
"Friendly reminder you are are about to face an endless abyss – G.L.; H.F.! :smiley: "

And even just playing PVE with him is too good.
Deletes a Varelsi
"You think you’re scary? I’ll show you scary. AHAHAHAHA-- haha HAH-- ahah hahaha-- HAHAHAHAHA!"

One of the biggest problems (for new players) is probably his passive. Honestly when I played the open beta and tried ISIC for the first time I didn’t read his description. I think I got by w/e the mission was but I didn’t do much and figured something was wrong. I then read his page thoroughly. The passive is a huge deal. After you get the rhythm down though of charge pow charge pow charge it gets a lot easier to play him and he isn’t very complex at all. The first impression of him is a huge lump to get over, but fortunately his VO won me over anyways.

I love isic but hes not that great for all the missions. I use him for mission 1 and 2 alot. And pvp hes also good.

I liked ISIC in the open beta, but it seems that he became even more tanky and less of a damage dealer (unless you use his ult) since then which has kinda put me off. Maybe I’m wrong?

They did something to his Plasma Dash damage maybe. He mostly feels the same to me.

I totally agree on the plasma dash, but I mostly used his charge cannon with the wards and I feel like his defense was increased at the cost of dmg. I suppose it’s fine, but I liked being a little more well rounded and he feels much more like a tank now. Maybe I’m wrong though…

Finally I see someone else call it that.

Just recently started trying ISIC and find that he’s pretty fun to play. His damage output seems lackluster at first but once you get the charging down it’s surprisingly good. Most people seem taken off guard when you’ve thunked them for 400+ damage from a couple charge shots, and all his skill and helix choices are just a bonus. Then you hit level 5 and absolutely shred everything in sight… Pretty awesome.

Yeah, hes amazing I always get top KD im matches with him

He is an incredible character, but difficult to master. Most people can’t aim and do the charge mechanic at the same time, not to mention remembering to pop their skills when fully charged.
I hope he doesn’t change. I like high-skill-high-reward classes.

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I actually fear that he might be nerfed in the future, since it seems like he has no counter.

Hands down the best tank IMO, so many tools and options, and that turret can be a game ender if your team supports you.

He turns from a big presence into a focused death machine. CC, tons of defensive options, lots of damage out of his charge shot, and an ult that wrecks face.

Most people just aren’t any good at putting it all together. If you can hit his charged shots, he destroys.

Yea I believe ISIC is one of the best characters in the game when played right. I’ve mained him since day one and have the Master of ISIC title as well, so believe me when I tell you he has the potential for huge damage. I’m usually the one leading the squad in damage. Once you hit level 4 I feel like the gameplay with him can really open up. Between the constant plugging of a lane or to come from behind on a hard flank, you have to respect the ISIC. I hardly run into other players that use him in PvP but when I do, they don’t have a clue as to use him.

He is really strong. Good thing he will be nerfed big time.