Don't seem to have credit for purchasing Borderlands 3 in Shift

I prepurchased Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe version.
It doesn’t show up in my Shift dashboard
I don’t seem to have any of the DLC or mods
I purchased on the Microsoft Store after e3 (prepurchased). Is there something I need to do to get the additional content?

The dlc hasnt been realesed yet. You will get them as the come out. As for other stuff i dont know how that works. Try checking your in game mailbox. You have to be playing to access it.

For the preorder skins and such, go into the my games and apps section on your xbox dashboard . Then manage BL3. Once there look in it’s ready to install list and make sure to install everything that is there.

Now once that is done, to claim the preorder gear ingame simply load a character and claim them from the mail.

Your skins should automatically be claimed the moment you load the game after installing them. The character skins will of course be in the quick change.

To change weapon skins, you inspect the weapon then press x to change skin.

For trinkets, in your character screen there is an empty square to the left of each equipped weapon. Click on one of those empty slots to see your available trinkets.