Dont think 3 weeks was long enough

After not playing for 3 weeks because of all the terrible updates u have added I decided to come back for a quick go just to see if anything has been fixed. Guess what…NOT…like how do you put out a game and then update with fixes which make the game worse and leave it in such a state as not to fix it as fast as possible. Im sorry but thats just Fing sad. I mean come on Ive been trying to play B3 since launch with my kid whos sits 15 ft from me and we cant because your game keeps putting either me or him offline. Then after screwing with the game for an hour it will decide to shut my xbox off or his. Im sorry but this is pathetic management of game that should have never had this kind of poor coding to begin with. The fact it has been this way since launch is just disgusting. So hats off to you for the worst customer game service, and I hate to say it but these arent the only issues I have going on and the sad part is Anthem has less problems then this game. So you should be ashamed.