Don't try Hyperion Slaughter Round 4 onwards with this guy

I agree you tbh. I’ve cleared Hyperion, Bandit and today Creature at OP8 solo with Maya, with no Moxxi. Not impressive with Maya since Life Tap makes up for it, but I did it all. Yes I had legendary/unique/pearl gear. But I did it solo, which is all I wanted to achieve.


You have done a great job. Her Life Tap is a great skill.


Another point the OP might want to consider is that if a video doesn’t seem impressive to him, maybe it’s more the person playing is skilled and making it look easy.


It really is tho.


Two things : I know firsthand what an extremely good player @kbk160008 is. I’ve co-opted with him and he puts me to shame.
Secondly, I know you’ve not played in the OP levels so you don’t fully appreciate how difficult it is, but OP8 is exponentially harder.

That run is badass.


Well I suppose it was impressive, that dome is very annoying, with the flying repair drones etc.

But for example I saw he was using the 200% Legendary rapier gun for melee, if I had that gun maybe I could do it too.

P.S. So can anyone do the underlevelled Hyperion Slaughter challenge then? How about like level 50 or 51?

Yes you’re right, I’ve never gone to OP just doesn’t interest me that much

The 200% doesn’t require a specific level. All you need to do is grab one from NVHM or TVHM. If you don’t want to grab easy to get stuff fine, but why wouldn’t a melee player use something that boosts their melee by 200%? Just common sense in my view.

Here are my runs with Maya. I know they aren’t impressive but I still enjoyed them.

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Rude much? I noticed no one seemed interested in the lvl50 challenge

The Rapier is a unique blue that you can grab at lvl 15 NVHM within 1 hour of starting the game. Also what’s wrong with using a rapier?

I also don’t understand why anyone should be interested in your lvl 50 challenge that you just pulled out of the thin air less than 2 hours ago?


I noticed you offering a challenge that, based on evidence of your post content, you wouldn’t have a cat in hell’s chance of completing yourself. If you want to offer up a challenge, the least you can do is partake in it yourself. Do that, and I’m sure some of us might just do it.

To be clear, I’m not suggesting I would succeed either, but then I’m not offering up nonsense challenges.

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I’m thinking it could be done with Maya? Anyone else I’m not sure

I’ll just say, for some balance to this somewhat warm thread :

  • Hyperion Slaughter : hard.
  • Level 50 : hard. Far more difficult than level 72.
  • No Moxxi : hard unless Krieg or the like.
  • No red text : well…potentially harder. Especially if you’re thinking of packing a Harold, Pimp or Lyuda.
  • With Zer0 and all the above : very hard.

And I am officially requesting that everyone take some time to cool down a bit. PMs will be sent in due course as appropriate. However, everyone is expected to abide by the FORUM RULES, ESPECIALLY when expressing differing opinions.


Oh wow, I thought that’s what we were talking about (conversations like this tend to default (in an unsaid way) to OP8… my bad for resting on this assumption). There’s no need to go there if it’s not one’s cup of tea for sure.

That 200% melee damage gun also comes with a curse one has to consider… the player takes higher damage from melee sources (where the Law and Order, while only 100% bonus, has no curse and ‘free’ life steal). Maybe it’s how relatively weak the Order’s roid stats are (or the health steal compared to a Grog Nozzle), but I’m surprised I don’t see this used more.

That video though… @StrikerZidane’s got some chops. :open_mouth:



Hyp Rd 4 is a pain with BA Surveyors spawn in the beginning. I can do it with farmed gear tho just need a thumper and a corrosive fastball. Won’t be as fast as my min max build but still fun and doable for me.

Fun is subjective and if you can’t do it and don’t get any fun from it, we can’t do anything about that but suggest strats/approach. Same thing goes with you trying to convince the players that beat hyperion slaughter to see it as not fun. You can’t convince the players that already beat it and had fun/got satisfaction from beating it that it’s hopeless.

I can feel your frustration because I for one had that feeling too (even today I think I will if I run hyperion arena) because of those pesky SBA Surveyors and constructors flying freely, getting stuck, and all those dumb actions XD

At the end of the day, we all have different views. Players here including you, are just sharing experience. And like @VaultHunter101 said, let’s relax a bit and keep it friendly.


What lvl505 challenge again??? :))
I have limited time nowadays browsing the forums. Been REALLY busy with Ragnarok Mobile XD


I think a good challenge would be to do the Hyperion Slaughter dome at level 50 UVHM

I would guess that this would be even harder than OP8, however as others have pointed out I could not say for sure

Effectively no. There are a couple factors :

  • OP levels introduce damage reduction. The more levels the enemy is above yours (72) the less damage they take. Most OP8 enemies are level 80 and will take 55% less damage than a level 72 enemy will.

  • your health stays the same - OP8 health is the same as 72. This means elemental damage-over-time can eat you up because your enemies are putting out substantially more damage at OP8 than at 72.


For me round 4 is more difficult than round 5 because of those badass surveyors.

Also when @kbk160008 uploads, i am like :scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:. He is that good that i thought he did tweak some of his pc settings. Lol


Why you did not express such a

I would be very hyped up with it.