Don't try Hyperion Slaughter Round 4 onwards with this guy

Yesterday was a very ■■■■■■ day so I kinda lost control, and I’m sorry y’all had to witness it.
@IceCat763 I apologize for whatever I said to you, it was inappropriate and rude and I shouldn’t have said it that way.

That said, practice some more and you’ll eventually succeed. Zer0 is the highest skill ceiling character in the game due to its unforgiving nature (especially when it comes to Melee) so Hyperion Slaughter is no easy task.


I’ll just say that if you say you haven’t even tried OP levels then you were kinda begging for some (symbolic) blood out of your nose when you then go ahead saying stuff like “not impressive” or “I could do it too with that gun” regarding some masterful vids of taking the challenge done on OP8. Maybe don’t belittle other peoples achievements when you don’t know how hard they are? I’m all for people playing on whatever level they feel is fun for them but if OP levels don’t interest you then maybe choose the “golden silence” or “if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all”.

As for legendary / red text gear / no Moxxi as I see mentioned you don’t use, it’s your choise to use them or not. If you’ve chosen not to use or farm for red text gear however then that is something you’ve imposed on yourself. You’re “only seeing legendary gear” because those players didn’t choose to limit themselves when putting out the best they can do.

As for the lvl 50 challenge it definitely would not be harder than OP8, reasons already mentioned by @Jefe. I still see this as something that you just started trying to divert attention to when crap started hitting the fan. Besides, how would we even make it to Eridium Blight on UVHM at lvl 50 :smiley: ?

With all that said, peace and good luck in your future runs.


You pretty much covered what I wanted to say but in a more friendly way :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think you could make it to Eridium Blight at level 50 (or 51) on UVHM, especially with Zero.

Usually get to UVHM at lvl48, if you speedrun all the way you might be lvl50. Maybe 52, lowest lvl possible is my point. I did with Maya at lvl59 however I’d say Maya is easiest character.

Well when you do it and show us, I’m sure some of us will be happy to prove you wrong. OP8 is exponentially harder than early 50s.

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Just for the sake of it, I decided to attempt your challenge. Of course I used non-legitimate means to get my lvl72 Zer0 back to lvl 51 to attempt this challenge. Its definitely doable, and certainly easier than on OP8. Also, in line with how you play, I restricted myself from using any really OP weapons or moxxi - which would mean it would be far easier if these things were allowed.

I used a Corrosive and Shock Thinking, a Slagga and a Maggie (just for ammo diversity), a Slag transfusion, Cooldown relic, Chaotic Evil Rogue and a Turtle Shield. I used this spec:

I’m not gonna upload the run as it isn’t the cleanest (it was my 2nd attempt), if ya want to see it I can PM you.

While OP8 definitely is harder than this, you are right in saying this is definitely tougher than at lvl72 OP0 - those additional skill points definitely go in making Zer0 much beefier and flexible. So you should definitely be able to succeed, esp if you make the effort to farm good weapons like the Harold, Hornet and Lyuda.

Instead of looking at @kbk160008 or Striker’s runs and lament their use of perfect gear, instead learn from how they dealt with the tougher parts of the run in waves 4 and 7. In the absence of a truly beefy shield like the Antag or Hoplite, patience is your friend, so just take it slow, and try and recognize good hiding spots to avoid the BA surveyers/Constructors. Ensure you are able to use several ammo pools as running out of ammo in wave 7 is definitely a real possibility.

Lvl 72 gun spec:


A way we could do it is to use a 72 character but only use skill points up to level 50, and equip level 50 gear. That could work? Easy to get 50 gear from TVHM

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Unfortunately not as you’d still have the health of a lvl72 character and the more major problem is that the enemies would still scale to lvl72.


Ah yeah, good point. Although playing on OP22 might be interesting :stuck_out_tongue:



…or challenge? :wink:

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My second Zer0 on PS4, The Clap, is level 50 and just at the start of UVHM. If I was more confident with Zer0 i’d probably try this “challenge”. Maybe I will still try anyway, just needs a decent transfusion and a Coach gun or something, after all I mustn’t use any unique items :wink:


Nice, thanks for the report

It is difficult to respond to your posts without violating the forum guidelines.

Those of us who have played the game a great deal (whatever our skill level may be) know that OP8 is harder than L50, because we’ve played a lot on both. We know that was an impressive achievment above, because we’ve tried or similar things at that level. It may not “interest” you to play the game at the hardest difficulty and the highest challenge, but there’s no need for you to denigrate the many forum members who have put in the time to master these.


Yes and No. Gears just same level with enemies are required. 72 and 72 = 50 and 50, in character and gears.
Then leaving 22 points of skills will makes it perfectly same condition.

By the way, It is interesting, The thing that no one has done before(even who told it is harder than run with no FFYL, Moxxi, BAR conditions in OP 8) is becoming some challenge issue.


Incidentally, I was sure there was thread specifically doing this challenge but I can’t find it. I think @Lammas participated.
Do you remember that? Doing an arena or raid with a level 50 build?

Edit - found it : three posts down.


I’m pretty sure I could go through Level 72 Hyperion Slaughter gearless with a Level 50 Melee Krieg.
Toss in a Slag Betty and an Adaptive Shield, and it becomes trivial. And if you remove gear restraints, then it’s not even remotely a challenge anymore.


Was there history about this lv 50 before?

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I’ll keep looking but yes.

Edit - found it :


Wow. It was…
And I think I should try this. I guess I can make it as I usually do and No Red text gears, with…Disturbed Stalker Zero.
The difficulty will not harder than my video uploaded in this thread.

Edit: I have very decent lv 72 gears. And one of my No red text challenge Co-Op member told me he will give me more gears.

Edit 2

I had expected at least 5 or 10 times, usually 20, 30 challenges. No FFYL originally required me that many times. The most recent challenge with Melee Krieg was the number of challenges I did not count, but which seemed to be over 50 times as likely.(Maybe 100? I don’t know but it was extremely hard one. It usually takes less than 5 times in the MS Badass round, there is the easiest place to me. It means my Zero case, my Hellborn Krieg almost never dies and my Deputy sal dies often only when he tries TT)

But this challenge succeeded with only one attempt. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

This challenge, however, is not that easy. I was lucky.

This challenge is similar, if I compare the difficulty of this challenge to the most recent one I have done with this character in this arena.

It can be measured through the amount of damage my enemies and I receive. Gears at Legendary and above in OP8 is better or similar to No red text gears in this challenge.(That means Legendary gears in this challenge make it easier) However, this is the result of building a wise build.

But this is the conclusion I did not consider the difference in DOT. If those were DOT in OP8, I would fall in FFYL situation in the run. Considering that, OP8 is more ‘clearly’ difficult environment.

And this is my run.This was my first and test run. So I did not hurry at all. I took some walk and leisurely moments in the run.(And I had to check my dog time to time, why she was barking) For this reason, this run is not exciting. It will look easier than the run I uploaded here. But there are watching points of this upload.

1.Build using limited skill points.
2.How to use the terrain in this Arena efficiently.
3.How not to be surrounded by enemies and break one by one.
4.And most crucially, how to kill Hyperion employees with no bullet or punch.

I have realized something. In this Arena, the execution of strategic and cool plans is very effective. This place can make a player very confusing, but preventing it is the answer. And the point of this challenge is how to compose effective skill tree.


Those singularity grenades :smiley:
I’ve never thought of doing that.