Don't want to sound VERY negative

I don’t think, it’s that
They aren’t taking money for what they are doing right now
They are taking money for the story dlcs which we all agree on, are awesome
Mh 2.0 and cartels aren’t even included in the season pass and the boring mini events are a free service as well
Back in the old days, games didn’t last that long. Some of them were probably made with a bit more of inspiration and provided more repeatability by themselves without any content updates but now, people are also asking for more. They are used to those content updates and are flooding the forum to tell the devs to hurry up. You already got a huge game with 30 hours of main story for your money and 2 story dlcs if you bought the season pass
Noone is trapping you. You are trapping yourself if you think that you deserve something from them right now.


You didn’t have live events in the same way in BL2, but you can absolutely grind for Legendaries that you want by running the appropriate endgame modes (mainly Digistruct, but also certain raid bosses).

BL1 was a bit different mainly due to its age, but BL2 and BL3 are surprisingly similar even if BL3 came out in 2019, where post-release support and live events are expected by a majority of gamers. You play the main story, you learn the maps, you learn the minibosses, and then you go farming gear to beat harder bosses. That’s literally the cycle. BL3 hasn’t changed this.

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I think you are confusing a few things. The raining Legendaries are basically free events and not a money cow. Same with Mayhem 2.0. It.s not the proof you think it is, it’s just not something you like, that’s all.

And basically it’s impossible for GBX to do something that everyone likes. For example, I rather liked the enhanced drops (and I’m a little sad they’re gone if truth be told). Clearly you didn’t, but that just goes to show how people like different things. It puts GBX in a bit of an impossible situation tbh but that doesn’t make them bad.

The DLC were paid-for content, but you had a choice whether to buy it or not and paid-for DLC is by no means exclusive to the Borderlands franchise. Something has to pay for all the extra story-telling, maps etc involved in their creation. But you may easily play the game, including enhanced Legendary drops, without paying any more than you did when you originally purchased it.

Sorry, I really do not understand what you mean by this?


This sounds like a YOU problem.


legendaries weren’t special anymore when this game came out :joy:

the events just made this clear for newer players :wink:

white items became more then absolete, green items became more then absolete, blue became the new white, purple became the “not realy legendary worth” and legendaries became the standard item (because they just are better then everything else) after the terror thing they started adding an other layer to it… anointmens… so now even legendaries became useless…

Diablo 3 did the same thing, imho taking the RNG aproach doesn’t realy make for fun end game…
the takedown thing, that was fun but also got stale pretty quick due to overinflated weapons.

on that note. i can’t say if it’s us (the players) that got used to pay for games like this and get years of gameplay out of it (BL2 didn’t do anything special but i still replayed that game into oblivion) or the devs dangling that carrot in front of us to keep us playing.

same happend to Diablo 3… D2 had people playing for years, D3 came out and those people got bored pretty quickly. and just like this game there’s the people who enjoy it.

could be that some of the original developers are gone (for diablo it was pretty clear when Torchlight came out. Torchlight was the diablo game 3 should have been from the start)

but hey, my EGS library is filling up with free game i’ll probably never play and my steam library has a crapload of games i’ll never play hahahaha

so atm i’m just glad i had fun playing this game (even though i’m burned out and not knowing what i should do in this game due to having easy acces to BiS gear and endgame getting pretty easy due to it)

the DLC brought some nice change in pace with new story, but seeing i (and probably most people) started the DLC with uber weapons (and/or getting them at the start of the DLC) that became stale pretty fast too.

now i’m sure there’s people allready lining up with the “nobody forces you to play with the best equipment” crap… sure, there’s people who enjoy trying to finish the game with the worst item they could find, i’m not one of them.

but the devs are trying to keep this boat afloat with the events and stuff like the upcomming cartel thing. so for me it’s fine. payed the same price for games i probably played for 8 hours and never looked back, and played free games i played into oblivion (i wanted to say TF2 but i bought that one when it came out and went well over 2.5K hours easy)

“Oh boo hoo, through dozens of hours of play and entertainment, I unlocked everything, but the game doesn’t have infinite content. What a rip-off”.
Come on now.

I agree that there could be some interesting money- and/or eridium sink. Changing gun parts or anointments for massive fees, for instance. Torchlight 2 did it, and it worked pretty well there, I thought.


I don’t think, it’s that
They aren’t taking money for what they are doing right now
They are taking money for the story dlcs which we all agree on, are awesome

My point being… Thank you… Selling a product to have a follow up and selling a product to have a full product AND then prooving of the existence of the original product to have a follow-upr is two different thing.
The first generated by a constant unfilling(ness) of desire, while the second is like s “sigh” when you finish a novel that is complete, and then you realize there is another novel that being BUILT UPON the original one, from a different perspective.
But both of the above would mean the story telling is the key reason of existence! Both of the above examples are a master of their self!
Making something to have a continuous drive, and continuous reason to exists WITHOUT HAVING A MEANING OF THEMSELVES ALONE… is like a runner to exists to just run. A meaningless never ending run, for the sake of running.

@ Feculator
You missed my point good sir (or woman). I challenge you -if you date- to re-read my post.

Well if you found the process of just playing through the game to be boring and a chore, that’s pretty subjective.
Me personally, while I have quibbles about the story, but I find the action to be top-notch, and it has me coming back often. I haven’t even felt the need to get the DLCs yet, I’ll probably wait for a sale.

I’m not sure I agree with your view that BL3 was made in a way to deliberately hawk extra add-ons. Base game feels plenty complete to me (even more so than many contemporary games, but then that is a pretty low bar).

Yes. You running for your life, and you running to the shop before it closes to buy a bottle of milk is pretty subjective. The individual decides what is the REAL REASONING of being in a run.w

I’m not telling you this to defy you. I’m telling you this for the sake of story telling and getting the maximum out of entertainment purposes. Thus making the reason of a BL3 of existence to be… a reason itself? if you know what I mean?
Like Van-Gog would make an art in partial pieces and you would have to pay fot the complete work to get the full picture? How big of a slap on your face would that be?

There are dozens of good games out there… many of those games are out there just to make a buck.
And then there is Borderlands. The story that is unique, special, one of a kind, and yet, the GAME itself is filled with meaningless grind, unrelated to the masterpiece of the story.

But that’s you
There are people who play the story and move on to play Final fantasy

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Well that’s not wrong but it’s also partly the fault of the community for rejecting obvious solutions on the basis of a false premise.

“I don’t want to sound to negative”

But I’m going to anyway. You make a laundry list of negatives and complain about the game. What’s your solution? What do you want instead? Do you want no additional content? You play the games and you’re done? What do you want?

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I didn’t get that impression with Borderlands 3 at all, I found it (and continue to find it) to be a very complete package. I got more out of it, in fact, than from many other “AAA” games.


Exactly. Compare bl3 to anthem or fallout 76

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What were door to door sales persons were trying to do in the 60s?

My enjoyment of the game has diminished. The first DLC was fun, the second one, meh. That’s only my opinion. Different things, appeal to different folks. There was nothing wrong with the second one, just didn’t float my boat.

I think ultimately what is letting me down is the legendaries. Seriously, orange is the new white. They had an event whereby all you had to do was stand in front of slot machines and push a button, and tah da, legends. Or you could hop from red chest to red chest, or you could kill the plethora of loot tinks/jabbers etc. The powerful weapons have made the game too easy. Want to do the MTD? Find the right weapons. And it’s not hard. I don’t spend an inordinate time farming. I can almost beat Wotan on true mode. And I’m an old pretty crappy gamer.

I recently went back to TPS and BL2. What a difference. I’m trying TPS on UVHM. The Bosun is one shotting me. And I just can’t wait for an event to come along and magically give me gear. I have to go work for it. Found a legendary I could use, in a vendor machine. Oopps, not enough money. Yeah, money still matters. My gear is a few levels old. Off to do some side missions. Almost everything that drops is white and green. Ya know, it’s RARE when something purple or orange comes along.

Then there’s BL2. The bad asses are harder than the bosses in BL3.

I still like BL3, but it’s a much different beast. I don’t if I want to play it anymore. Will try the next DLC, but for know it’s pretty easy and predictable. Even on MH4. I don’t MH4 often, only because it takes longer, not more difficult.

So what’s my point? Gee do I have to have one :slight_smile: I don’t think it’s a matter of negative or positive. It is a much different game then previous BL games. Some will like it, some won’t. GBX has to try to make money. That means trying to guess and understand what will keep the most amount of people playing and buying.


i played bl2 for a day again
got mobbed out of the game by badassosaurus, rofl

i do remember while playing TPS, “damn, they realy went all out with the boss fights on this one”

then playing a few bosses in BL3 and was like “was it supposed to be this easy” getting so many legendaries was fun… but on the other hand, the bosses for me are quite… lackluster (and the immune parts are just boring AF…) they don’t feel special… it’s like fighting a huge anointed…

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