Don't worry about the FL4K nerfs, or anything else

(For the important part, go to the 7th paragraph, not including this one. TLDR, they’re probably gonna buff him again in a week or two, and Zane’s skills are gonna be fixed in at most a month.)

So, I’m a FL4K guy and obviously I’m not happy with the most recent nerf to the “Leave no trace” skill, and from what I’ve seen, I’m in the majority on this one. R.I.P. crit FL

This nerf was at least an enlightening experience for me, as it made me want to try other builds with him. It made me realize that without his crit build, FL4K actually feels pretty underwhelming.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s still usable, but it showed me how lopsided the power of his skill trees really are. Keeping that In mind, this nerf kinda makes sense.

Borderlands is Gearbox’s baby, it’s Cash cow, and arguably it’s biggest success. Everthing that they are doing is to try to make Borderlands 3 better. They’re not being malicious or trying to spite players in any way because they genuinely care about this game and it’s success, if for nothing else then at least because of it’s whopping monitary potential, because they know that if they drive players away, they’ll make less money on dlc’s. I’d like to think that this game is more than just a check to them, and I really think that it is, but I digress.

FL4K needed changing, and still does. The big thing is, what happens when you finish one shotting grave warden and getting every legendary in the game? You might want to try other builds with FL4K or heck, maybe even other vault hunters, but in the back of your mind you’ll always be like “crit FL4K is way better than this build” or something of the sort. After playing around with a master build and a rakk attack build, all I wanted to do was go back to the crit build so I could do some damage, and I think that’s not ok. Eventually, oneshotting everything gets stale, and since his other stuff is way worse in comparison, your eventually left with a vault hunters with no variety that you don’t want to use.

Balancing FL4K is good for the longevity of the game.

Now for the most important part of this whole speil, why you shouldn’t worry about all the changes going on in the game right now, at least in the long term. It’s because we complain. AND PLEASE, KEEP COMPLAINING!!! Keep discussing what you like and don’t like - on here, reddit, YouTube, twitch, or wherever. In the first few weeks of launch, Borderlands 3 likely has more active players than will ever be on the game again, and thus, Gearbox has a HUGE population to test stuff on.

Let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be a borderlands game if it wasn’t broken from day one, and that is one of my favorite things about this series. I think it gives the game even more character lol. There are still more out of map glitches in borderlands 2 than I can count! And remember the conference call bee? Absolutely crazy! But I think most everyone can agree that the bee nerf did more good for the game than harm, and became an awesome memory for those who got to enjoy it, and infamous in the eyes of everyone else. That’s how I see FL4K’s leave no trace skill with a torgue shotty ending up.

If everything I said above is true, then they are trying to balance the game for the good of the game: make every vault hunters distinct from the others, while at the same time making them all equal in power; Make every build distinct from other builds, while at the same time, keeping the builds equal in power. When they succeed, the game will be a lot more fun as a whole because there will be so much more variety in it. Everything’s gonna be broken and unbalanced at the start, and the biggest changes to the game are gonna generally occur within the first couple months to try to get everything on its way to being balanced. Because they care about keeping us happy, they are gonna listen to us. Things like FL4K’s leave no trace skill are probably gonna be changed multiple times from here on out, alternating between too overpowered from the developers point of view to too underpowered to the players point of view, until it eventually situates itself in a happy medium that is BALANCED, which like I said before, is good for the longevity of the game.

Everything I just said for FL4K is also true for every other vault hunters, and probably for every other aspect of the game. Moze’s Iron Bear is gonna eventually get buffed to do more damage because we talk about it being useless in late game, FL4K’s other action skills are gonna get buffed to be competitive because everyone knew how weak they we’re compared to the crit build, freaking ZANE is gonna get buffed to make his skill tree actually WORK because we COMPLAIN about it. It’s ALL gonna happen sooner rather than later, because we as a community want it to happen, and voice our opinions. So keep complaining, there’s probably stuff that gearbox doesn’t even know about that needs fixing, and it ain’t getting fixed unless they know it’s broke.

Thanks for reading, I hope this eased some of your concerns and encouraged some of you to hold out rather than leave the game to die. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride at first, but I’m sure it’ll be smooth sailing soon. Let me know if you agree with anything, or disagree with everything, or if you think there’s anything I missed. In the mean time I hope you’re luckier than me in getting the creeping death from Aurelia!


When are people going to understand that this isnt the Gearbox of old.

-Aliens Colonial Marines
-The Pre Sequel

  • Releasing a half baked game filled with game breaking bugs and glitches.
  • Story that’s serviceable at best.
  • Over nerfing and skills not working bc they didnt test, do a beta, or PTS prelaunch.

When am I allowed to stop giving Gearbox the benefit of the doubt that things are going to get better?


Yep. This isn’t the first time my faith in the company has been shaken but it’s probably going to be the last.


We can do nothing about the story, and have to wait until the DLC packs to see if it gets any better. As for the Epic Store exclusivity, that was 2K’s decision, not Gearbox…I think. Randy makes it hard to trust him on that front.

As for the bugs and glitches…depends on what you get hit by and how severe they are. Some are pretty bad, but most of them to me are just kinda meh. I can deal with it usually.

As for the other titles you mentioned, TPS is a fine game, but it didn’t exactly need to be its own title, Battleborn tried too hard to compete with Overwatch and failed for its troubles, and…I do agree that A:CM was a massive disaster, that one I can’t excuse Gearbox for.

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Exactly…Gearbox isnt making the game for the fans…its making a game to make 2K money.

That’s business, however right now this isnt the product I paid for and I have a right to be upset.and ask questions.


I’m not saying you don’t. I don’t like that this is literally how every game these days have released, but I’m willing to stick this one out. The story may not be good, but at least the game feel complete, if a little light on content if you just power through everything the game has to offer at once. Half-baked this game is not, but it sadly needs some polish as far as the bugs and performance is concerned.


So I’m going to stop here becuase apparently talking about Gearbox’s past record of things not getting better is inappropriate.

Happy Friday.


I’m not upset but honestly the BL3 nerfs are hurting BL3’s image and one thing that bugs me a lot is BL3 is still not trending on YouTube. That part stinks.

In the patch notes yesterday one of the GBX staff responded to me with we buffed zane when I said he still needs work I am really concerned that they think they are fixing something when in fact they are not the only conclusion I can draw is they are only testing these changes on normal difficulty.


I’m just blown away that so many people in this day and age of gaming are so willing to give devs the benefit of a doubt when time and time again we’ve been done wrong for doing so. I’d rather eat my words for being overly negative about a game than look stupid for defending yet another game dev who lost their way at this point :confused:


No one made you pay for it. That was your option. Just like pre-purchasing a game is not a smart thing to do.

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Becuase blaming the gamer is always the best answer.

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To make an informed decision you need information to do so, but if you buy a product before knowing anything, how is that a rational decision. It seems to me that you are just complaining to complain. It doesn’t surprise me. Today’s generation has taken up this concept to fit their needs and get what they want. Looks like the Simpsons were right about this as well in one of their older episodes. Keep complaining until your dreams come true.

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How does that have anything to with Gearbox releasing a broken product?

How was the game broken? Please explain. I was able to go through the entire campaign with 0 glitches, so I’m not sure what you mean.


So since a product works for “You”…that means no one else is experiencing problems. We are all imagining things. Game saves being erased, Constant crashes and freezing, overheating xbox’s, massive frame drops…All Fake News.

Might want to go through the forum a bit…apparently most of Zanes skills dont even work.


Wow, calm down, why don’t you? Just because he and I have encountered little to no issues, it doesn’t mean the issues other people are getting aren’t valid.

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LMFAO. 100% of my friends that bought the game all spawned underground after beating troy. None of us were able to collect the loot. No, we were not in a single lobby. THis happened to all of us individually on different occasions.

Xbox One literally shuts down from the game.

The PS4 has sound and visual problems.

Amara has an entirely broken skill tree that is riddled with non-functioning skills. They literally do not function.

Zane? his entire character doesn’t work and half his skills are broken.

I got thrown into outer space by an enemy ground slam and kept flying up, forcing me to restart my console and lose my loot.

People had their bank inventorys deleted MULTIPLE TIMES.

Jesus christ, just because you didn’t see any glitches that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.


I encounter frame drops with four people when grenades are going off sure. I know about the bank vaults being erased which is unfortunate. I believe this happens most often when players play offline and go back to online. The game freezes/turn off while joining another game and this was known for quite a while. I haven’t had it happen to me for the past few weeks which leads me to believe they have fixed the core problems or will do so in coming patches as well as gameplay frame loss.

My skills on my Zane work perfectly for my build. Barrer/Clone

If you were truly unsatisfied by this product, you wouldn’t play it.

Stop. The fact that you just said all of Zane’s skills work fine means you’re speaking from a point of ignorance. Equip shadenfreude on your clone, tell me how much shield you regen.

There are even entire articles about it.

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