Don't worry baby, I'll take good care of you!

Just discovered the Source FilmMaker tool, so here’s the first try :blush: :

EDIT : been tipped on the tool at the Tales from the Borderlands forum

EDIT 2 : version 2 a couple posts below :smiley:

Not bad. Her eyes look like they lack definition, but still, not bad. :dukeaffirmative:

He he thanks :blush: !

Well yes there are a few details that are problematic. The eyes one is due to having lots of problems tweaking the light source. The more I look at the picture also it seems that the mouth needs a bit more tweaks.

Well I have the excuse of being a beginner.

For now… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

EDIT : oh btw I made this one too below, but with xnaLara, posted it in the TT forum, but hey why not here as well ha ha.

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I made another version :blush: !

Changed the smile to correct some weirdness on the lips. She’s less bubbly now, more enigmatic, well let’s say more charming then he he. Also I corrected the blur on the eyes which wasn’t because of lightning but instead some camera details that I had no clue off at the time.

And while I was at it I redid the text, changed the background, and added the black splatter style like the load screens to make it even more BL-ish.