Don't you just hate

When you’re on matchmaking and you get a team that has no idea what they’re doing? This has happened not once thrice today.

Just like any other PvP game. Not everyone’s a competitive gaming pro.


Yeah… I would file this under “things i dislike about team-based competitive video gaming”


Not talking about being pro but not playing the game like it’s a TDM. Like one game of Capture where my team wasn’t capturing any points, instead they were focused on killing the enemy players.

Not surprised. Here in the states, the most popular games are first person shooters. The most popular mode is team deathmatch. No objectives. Even within those games, people ignore objectives in the objective - based modes. It’ll be a while for the age of the mobas or “hero shooters” change this mindset.


and how I hate that, that’s why I don’t queue solo anymore, luckily I got a lot of friendly people to play with and we play every mode as it should be played, objective orientated.

For me that scenario only really bothers me if I’m against someone I know

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