Doom 4 aka Doom (2016)

I’m looking forward to to Doom almost as much as Battleborn. It’s annoying that they release so close to each other. I’m still getting both at release. I haven’t been this excited for an ID release since Doom 3 really. And even then Doom 3 wasn’t checking all the boxes. So really quake 2. As quake 3 didn’t have a real solo campaign.

Doom’s snapMap seems to promise a Mario maker level of creativity. Halos have had console based level editing for a long ass time but they are ■■■■■■■ idiots about how you can’t play online vs randoms on custom maps and don’t seem to let you make maps with monsters.

Plus it seems I can make monster based levels in the snapMap feature Doom 4 will have. So at least solo fun will be had there. But I suspect doom will let you play random people with custom maps. Since they are so focused on their snapMap feature. And I really hope so too because it’s the difference between usable or simply garbage to me. Halo 5 forge is garbage to me. Only useful to people with friend lists that somehow all want to play the same game with you.

And besides, borderlands killed the halo star, for me at least.

Anyhow. Here’s hoping ID is smarter than those halo jerks.

im with you on this the DOOM 4 e3 gameplay while overly cinematic looked a hell of a lot of fun. cant wait to see how it turns out man

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I have DooM pre ordered. I’ve waited so long for this game.

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me too AMG me too, hope it lives up to expectations.

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I’m very hopeful. It’s gone back to that fast paced, always moving gameplay of the older games. I’m excited for it.

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I’ll have to check it out later. I expect a full report, bub. :wink:

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Here is a trailer.[quote=“Gulfwulf, post:6, topic:1308047”]
I expect a full report, bub. :wink:

I’ll give you a heads up when the time comes. :acmsmile:


this trailer is amazing

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Yes, I have it pre-ordered as well. Really liked the look of it, can’t wait to tear some Cacodemon eyes out :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. It still annoys me that it’s official name is Doom instead of Doom 4. Why does everything have to be a reboot now-a-days? (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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Will have to see gameplay after the game is released.

Until now my interest in this game just became less and less. Really hope that they haven’t showed the actual pacing yet.

Then again, I may sound bitter for not seeing a Quake sequel that’s like the first one.

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were all bitter for that same reason, i wanted it for so long


Incoming large text wall:

Yea. The quake series is such a jumble of poorly connected games. I feel like only Quake 2 and Quake 4 really thematically connect. Quake 1 is great. But it never got a real sequel.

I liked Quake 2 and 3 even though 2 was it’s own new thing that felt closer to Doom than Quake. And later I started to really hate Quake 2’s weapons because the pistol was an infinite pea shooter and no weapon felt memorable or satisfying or impactful. I vaguely remember a less good bfg in that one.

Quake 3 was great from a PvP standpoint. Kinda terrible if you wanted another co-op/solo/campaign game. Then everything since then from ID has been kind of meh.

I finished doom 3 and kind of enjoyed it solo but because it came out without co-op at first (or maybe even multiplayer), I kind of didn’t care very much about it. I never played the DLC expansion for it. I tried to experience co-op later on the 360 version of it but it was a little bit too little too late and barely played by anyone.

Quake 4 is a tiny blur to me. I played until some mission has you wake up without all your gear/ammo that you had collected so far because you got captured. I’m so tired of that mechanic in games. I generally end up losing interest in the game at that point. Which is what happened to me in Quake 4. So I never got past that point. And consoles were starting to win me over by that point. Wii, 360, etc…

Then my xbox one came with wolfenstein. I thought ok, I’ll try it out. At some point in the campaign you get captured and lose all your stuff. I lost interest again. Please stop doing this ID, hahhaa. I understand why you might do it I guess, but it just pisses me off as the player. I had been saving ammo for apparently no reason?

Is it some attempt to attempt to be like the episodes of doom 1? Where you don’t retain anything between them? In all honesty I preferred Doom 2’s structure. A singular episode of 30 levels. What you manage to retain between maps is part of your uniqueness in your playthrough. If you managed to hoard rocket ammo until you encountered a cyberdemon, good for me. Now he’s not as hard to beat. Etc… But each level is traditionally able to be beat from scratch without having anything from a previous map. But things you have retained just might help you get through certain parts a little faster or more likely.

Rage. Bought it for cheap way after release. Got lost or stuck or something. Missed borderlands waypoints to help me know where to go. Exchanged it for game credit. I might give it another chance some day. But the Mad Max game probably means I won’t.

I did the digital preorder on xbox one and got the free Doom 1 and Doom 2 downloads. I started a playthrough from the beginning where I didn’t use save/load. If I died I started at the beginning of the level with nothing. If I need to stop for some reason I can save, but I can only use that load once. But I can continue from the latest level I’ve reached as many times as I want. In other words, I end up experiencing the levels probably as they were tested, without starting with anything. And I ended up seeing and re-remembering how each level can be played from the start with just a pistol and 50 bullets. Ultra violence though. Nightmare would have to be in co-op or with frequent save/loads and much run, pray, hide. And while it might sound like I’m contradicting my own playing style preferences, keep in mind I chose it and the game didn’t choose it for me. And it adds some element of suspense to dying/not dying. And I’ve played the game so many times, that it felt like a neat rule to impose on myself. If anyone is up to playing it online via xbox one/360, let me know. It has terrible online matchmaking (no drop in / drop out co-op. you can’t just start a multiplayer game and get started playing while waiting on randoms to join).


And yes. I decided also to call it Doom 4 personally. Because rebooting naming is silly. I understand why it’s done but I’m going to call it what it is. For one thing, it’s easier to talk about without parenthesis.

And here’s a list of stupidly named followup products throughout the years:

xbox one - makes the 360 name not seem as stupid. but the 360 is probably what caused them weird naming later

the new ipad - seriously! I keep waiting to hear that they’ll release one called “the next ipad”. love the hardware tho.

Star Trek (2009) - though they made reboot part of the story so not as bad as others,

Wii U - nobody that casually bought a Wii even knows what a Wii u is or that it might be a separate console


Ok. Devils Advocate. Here are some marketing reasons why Doom 4 might have been considered a bad idea. They might think that some newer players won’t be interested in entering a game series they haven’t played before in the middle of it instead of from the very first one.

Counter: how about players who have heard of the series, maybe played it casually, who hear about “Doom” and think “oh, maybe it’s just a remaster of the original Doom. Pass”.

More Devils Advocate. But Doom 4 is a reboot/retelling of the story, so lets just call it Doom.

Counter: you didn’t do that with Doom 3 but that was a reboot/retelling. So why not call it Doom 4 or even “Doom Infinity” or something to highlight the SnapMap feature supplying players with the ability to make maps “forever”.

Ok. I wrote too much. Eyes tired and need lunch. Later…

For me it’s part annoyance with the Doom 3 thing, like you said, and part annoyance that it’ll look weird in my Steam list organization since it doesn’t let me change the names of Steam games for the sake of organizing better. aka it’ll be DOOM (meaning Doom 4), DOOM II: Hell on Earth, then way at the bottom of the list is Ultimate DOOM (retail version of Doom 1). Just drives my OCD of organizing mad.

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Quake 2 is good, I like it personally but I jsut cant consider it a sequel to one hell of a great FPS that I still reallyl ike to this day.

One thing that really bugged my about Quake 2 is that they didn;t had muzzleflashes to bullet based weapons, huge bugbear of mine. But anyway, agreed. Then again I do think Q2’s design is hit or miss. Never played Q3 but Q4 I’m not positive about; it’s even further away from Quake 1 than 2 already was.

Don’t like Doom 3, but do like RoE, for some reason the expansion felt like that it did things better. And it features the only enemy that actually kinda makes me feel uneasy (forgot the name though).

I like Wolfenstein TNO, but the constant losing of weapons is indeed a turn-off. TOB sadly makes it even more glaring.

I liked it alot.
But that story though, it really was just an afterthought; abrupted non-existing ending and the games equivalent of the BFG was only available in the last mission. Lots of missed oppertunities.

For me, ID is really a hit or miss company. Doom 1 and 2 are great games, Quake even better (imo), Q2 being good (not great), and there’s RoE and Rage. The rest of the games they made -as stated before- I don’t really like.

Just more reasons for me to wait until AFTER the game has released, and hope it can interest by then. And even then, Battleborn releases around the same date, and Carmageddon is coming to the PS4. So even if Doom 4 manages to sway me, there are 2 other games that take priority for me.

Well, that was my turn I suppose. Didn’t expect ending up rambling.

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Hooray for gratuitous violence!

Saw that already.
If that’s indeed the pace of the game it is a turn-off for me.

I hear you.

Quake 1 is still my favorite in the series.

Consider yourself lucky. Quake 4 was a huge let down, at least for me.

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I still might try rage again later, yeah.

Hit or miss? yeah but they used to be solid hit after hit. I feel they didn’t adapt that well when things started changing in the 2000 to 2005 timeframe.

Gameplay video: (this is what actually got me excited for the game last year when my friend showed it to me. 1) it appears to be showing some innovation and retro at the same time, 2) it is a decent pace, very doom 1/2 style with some doom 3 aspects. 3) heard about snapmap later and got REALLY excited )

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Seen the trailer a dozen of times already (and it has been linked to me already earlier in the thread). For me it looks way too slow, which is just a turn off for me.

As I said a couple of times before, if this is the actual pacing I wont be getting Doom 4.

Don’t want to bring negativity in here, but I jsut cant see the hype behind this game, if anything it worked in reverse on me, sucking the excitement out of it.