Door in Ascensions Bluff

Pretty insulted the fact the games almost been out a year and the door is still not Open!

I’m 80% sure it’s going to be vermivorous the invincible And the only reason they haven’t opened it yet is because they are still trying to figure out how to balance the Norfleet for BL3
We have footage of the boss from a clip with IGN testing guns… seriously WTF is taking so long!


They’re busy fixing the awesomeness that is M 2.0. :joy:


i am still eagerly waiting for that door to open. i was there last week and got a superreally awesomeangrybadass in 2 minutes, then he just fussed with me for 20 minutes. kinda fun kinda not.

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Considering the fact that this games narrative and setting changed or evolved several times throughout development I wouldn’t be surprised if the area had a purpose or content that sort of got pushes aside.

While a big open arena is reminiscent of BL2 raid encounters developers who worked on both games said they wanted to move away from BL2s boss structure where they frequently just had a big boss in a big room with a ton of HP and only 3 to 5 attacks/ mechanics. They want encounters to be shorter, but have far more going on.

This arena screams BL2 raid boss. Maybe that is why it isn’t in the game right now. They found it contradictory to the direction they wanted to head with bosses in general so they put a tack in it until they found time to make something cool that would work with the existing area mapped out. This is just one guys theory based of scraps of info from interviews mixed with my active imagination.

Funny you should mention it. I was just there yesterday and thought I’d ask what the deal with that door is at some point.

There’s another closed door near Roland’s Rest, next to the hunt target. Just a small unused hallway behind it based on what the map shows. Probably an unused area transition.

But guys we have Eista the invincible!! He doesn’t drop any new gear or is challenging??? Oh whoops my bad lol