Doorways look like black walls


My first post here after playing Borderlands since its original launch back in the day,

I’ve seen these black doorways around many maps in Borderlands 3. I tried to find another topic on this but it seems it has not been commented.

I was wondering, is this intentional? Personally I think it could have looked better. The black wall in the doorway kind of makes it look a bit artificial.

Has anybody else noticed this? And what do you think about it?

What doorways? Maybe post a pic for reference.

I’ve had this happen once and only when I was in someone else’s game. It’s weird forsure and definitely not intentional. If you getting it in your own game that’s even more weird

if you mean what i think you mean. i think this just indicates that at some point enemies can come walking out. this has been like this since the first borderlands game

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Thanks for quick replies.

Sorry for not posting a pic. Here is what i’m referencing:

I’m sure you’ve all seen them, I just realized I wish they had a different look and wondered if it is intentional and what your thoughts are on it.

@Yeahrel Yes, I think that is just the doorways I’m thinking of, and looking back I see you are right. I guess it is just a design of the games, but I wish they’d made it look a bit less flat/digital even though it’s not really a big deal. Weird that I’ve not noticedit before Borderlands 3…

Oh you mean like that type of doorway, that’s for enemy spawns.

I’ve actually had like my door to sanctuary blacked out like that on someone else’s lobby.