Doppelbanger augment is too clunky

This digi-clone augment is very clunky to use in the middle of combat. It takes too long to detonate and is difficult to do while doing other actions like running or shooting. It feels like patting my head and rubbing my belly at the same time. Please make this easier and more intuitive to use. Does anyone else agree?

I would recommend having the detonate replace the swap so it happens with one tap instead of a hold. Either that or make the hold time much shorter.


I do find that the time it takes to cook Dopplebanger off is long enough that I skip/miss opportunities because enemies die/move/attack while this timer is counting down. I wouldn’t say no to insta-detonation (even if the insta- part was just the control, and the Clone itself had its own, short, fuse).


Yeah, honestly even with the ASEs the time investment for using this makes it dubious for me. I’ve generally just stopped, which is regrettable, but it just feels like it’s more effective not to do it.

Really, that and how erratically the clone takes aggro even with the augment are probably my two biggest complaints about that AS.

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lets be fair tho if it as easy and zane could access ase state with barrier up it would be omegalulz easy peasy

It still won’t be as easy peasy as Amara though :wink:
I play with M/KB so I can AS cancel pretty easily to get ASE’s up with Barrier so it’s more of a QoL upgrade.
Also, I am assuming the damage of the detonate will get buffed in phase 2 so I would like it to be usable when that happens.

While it could be easier. Id like for go to look at my point of view using it.

because you can use it while firing. If u use it immediately depending on ur gaurdian ranks and cooldown abilities.
Ur clone comes back immediately allowing u to have ur full two skill weapon damage plus all your asa and you have your ase damage.

For for a few seconds. He still fires. Youre still firing While ur doing it allowing seeing dead procs and uptime of playing dirty besides the super speed fire rate. You dont even need to invest in the tree because the com has the skills.

While everyone screams ermagherd monarch ill use pewpew as an example. U can have a clone cool calm build which is old out dated. Ur standard clone skills… Pewpew asa 200 is firing u start to see 200ks and then 400ks. Self buffed. Moving slightly back n forth Flying out rapidly like no tommorow

You throw in a pearl ull see 500ks and 700ks at the end. Now u blew up ur clone and he came back instantly while firing until he blew up keeping ur kill skills up. Hes gonna still fire. Ur doing 500ks to 700ks at the end +50 % shield com and +50% grenade com.

Ur doing disgusting millions of damage. Flying up everywhere.

Clunky but actually it works out very well. Its just ya gotta which is a finger cramp in itself. My clones left button/bumper whatever ppl call it.

I thought it was clunky too. Till i realized… Woah this is sick…

Its annoying to do though… But man are the benefits there.

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Yes, I agree. It is a lot of damage to miss out on by not using it. And I believe dealing more damage should take a little more effort, but there’s a limit to that. When I have to play twister with my fingers and get cramps after a few minutes of playing, that’s when I call it quits. Why do all that work when I can just AS cancel the clone instead? F-Tab-Tab every 10 seconds is a lot easier and more healthy to do as an alternative.

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