Doppelganger action skill bug?

Hello All,

Long time Borderlands fan, first time poster.  I have a question/issue with the DLC character Doppelganger.  First off, I am on PS4 and on the Handsome collection.  The issue is that the tool tip says "The default duration of this skill is 40 seconds, but it can be ended early by holding down the skill key.  Ending the skill in this way refunds some of its cooldown based on on how much duration was left unused.

Thing is, it does not work. I have it set to R2 for the action skill. After I activate it, I can hold R2 down to cancel it but nothing happens. So I’m stuck waiting for the full duration of the skill to expire, then wait for the full cooldown.

Is this a known bug? I cant find anything on the forum or the internet about it.

Thanks all!