Doppelganger Shield Question

So… Panacea Adaptive Shield (Maliwan/Maliwan/Hyperion) or Reogenator? (same parts as Panacea)

Which is better for the Doppelganger? And why?

I find myself doing better with the Panacea for some reason. I also regularly switch shields. Sometimes PB, sometimes BH, etc. But my main and my fav was the Panacea, but I carry a Reogenator. Thinking about putting it in the safe since I don’t use it much.

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I would think the reogenerator would be better strictly speaking from a stats point of view, faster charge more health more resistance the only difference is the capacity.

I’m not sure how powerful enemies are at lvl 70 so I can’t say for certain which one would fair better at your level since I can’t gauge how low the capacity really is on the reogenerator.

Since it’s about half of the other I am guessing the shield doesn’t take very many hits before it is drained so I could see where the capacity of the reogenerator would require some skill in avoiding getting hit to recharge.

I would imagine this would be why the reogenerator wouldn’t be optimal in situations where not getting hit is impossible.

If you could get a class mod that adds to the shield capacity the reogenerator could be better suited.

The purple adaptive would still be better since the same bonus would apply to that shield as well. The Reo may have very high resistance but a good quality purple adaptive will stay up much longer and if the enemies have explosive and N/E weapons, you’re left with a low capacity shield that will be depleted in two shots if you’re still using the Reo.

Yeah, I use the Chronicler of Elpis which adds 14k capacity to your shields. Along with 10.6% Shield capacity bonus in badass ranks.

My Purple Adaptive has 98k capacity with that. Reo has around 60 - 70.