Dose anyone have an extra conference call

Gt is kordot please let me know have bin farming for about two days now

Two days only? Welcome to pandora. I will be returning to the keep for specific CCs soon. If i get one i dont need you can have it. Are you at the level cap yet?

I am neveru_mind

No not yet just beat on this version only 39

Let me know if u wnlant some higher level help farming and such

Ok will do,one dropped but when it flew up it hit a rack and fell into lava where I couldn’t git it

I have 4 conference calls that are lvl 35-37 if any of them interest you?

Handsome sorceror a little more of a fight but easier to find the loot. 7 minutes a kill lvl 72 1 player mode including scrounging ammo eridium etc. And grabbing all the cash. Once Im maxed out its just ammo shrine and a couple eridium so much much faster. Id rather farm the keep than the warrior.