DoT + crouch shield = insta FFYL

I think I may have found a bug but I wanted to be sure I wasn’t missing an expected interaction before reporting it.

I’m playing as a Moze with a 1 HP build. I started noticing that I was going into FFYL even with a seemingly high shield count still active.

After it happening a few more times it seemed to be happening regularly when trying to slide with a DoT. Was able to confirm this by self-dotting in Sanctuary and sliding-- I get struck down almost immediately.

It further seemed to be tied to my shield having the projected shield while sliding perk. Equipping a different shield, no more FFYL.

I captured some video but I’m not sure how I can share it. Tips are welcome.

Anyone else seen this? Anyone think of possible interactions that might make this an expected behavior?

My understanding is that shields projection takes your shield off and projects it in front of you. So you basically have no shield on your person

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Ah, so the shield is no longer on my person, that DoT is hitting the 1 HP and I’ve got no chance.

Looking closer at the wording on the shield’s card, you’re absolutely right:
“Crouching projects your shield forward”.

Unfortunate interaction but definitely seems WAI.


That’s why I only tried one of those shields for a short time, then stopped using it. Projecting it forward as a deployable wall you can take cover behind sounds good on paper, but the enemy AI clearly knows to just target you directly, rather than the shield, so they position themselves to shoot around it.

If having a deployable shield wall to take cover behind is the play style you’re interested in, I recommend playing as Zane and using his deployable shield wall as one of his 2 active Action Skills.

It was just a perk of a high capacity shield, it wasn’t something I was trying to utilize per se. Overall I haven’t found fighting while crouched to have much benefit. Oh well, know it should be avoided now.

The main benefits of fighting while crouched are to allow you to be shielded by low cover, and at least in most FPS games, crouching also steadies your aim, which is especially useful when sniping. But to be honest, I guess I haven’t been paying enough attention in BL3, because I’m drawing a blank on whether or not crouching actually steadies my aim. :thinking: